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Creating and Submitting Your DocSoft Speaker Profile

Online faculty members who would like to establish a DocSoft account with the Distance Learning Center are required to submit their DocSoft Speaker Profile. DocSoft Speaker Profile is the profile of your speech in the DocSoft system that DocSoft uses to convert your speech into text. DocSoft needs to be trained to your speech in order to better recognize the way you say words. Below are the instructions you need to correctly record and submit your DocSoft Speaker Profile.

1. You need a recorder:
You will need a digital audio recorder or software that can record your voice. We recommend that you use Audacity - which is a free, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows and Mac. To download and install Audacity, please visit Audacity website.
Instructions on How to Use Audacity. PDF Format

2. Record your DocSoft Speaker Profile
After you have digital audio recorder or installed Audacity, you can now record your DocSoft Speaker Profile.
Instructions on How to Record Your DocSoft Speaker Profile. PDF Format

3. Submit your Speaker Profile:
Once you have finished recording, please send the MP3 file of your DocSoft Speaker Profile to caption@kennesaw.edu. Subject line: Speaker Profile-NetID. (eg. Speaker Profie-psomjit1).

Once we have received your DocSoft Speaker Profile, your DocSoft account will be created. You will then receive an email from "Caption" with instructions to begin uploading your audio and video files for closed-caption. If you need assistance in recording your DocSoft Speaker Profile, please contact distancelearning@kennesaw.edu