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The DLC provides media and video production services for instructors of fully online and hybrid courses.

Instructional design support

Instructional Designers are available to work one-on-one with faculty on course conceptualization, preparing for the online course review process, adding technology enhanced instruction, or creating innovative instructional materials. We specialize in engaging online content.

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Media and video production

The Distance Learning Media and Video Production Services include video and media creation for instructors of fully online and hybrid courses. We specialize in introductory videos for online faculty, course content video creation, and web elements.

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technology support

Assistance is available to research, select and implement media rich content and gain access to technology training and support. The instructional design team can provide technology documentation, training, and one-on-one support while partnering with units across campus to leverage all that KSU has to offer.

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Quality matters

Kennesaw State University relies on an internal peer-review process to implement Quality Matters (QM) standards in online courses. The Distance Learning Center will guide you through the process of online teaching certification, course design to meet national QM standards, and submitting a course for peer-review.

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