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Vol 1 Issue #4 May 2009

Choose Your Coverage

Protect Yourself from the Sun.
Now that the weather is getting
warmer, it’s time to start thinking
about sun protection. If you work
outdoors, make sure that you protect yourself from harmful rays that can cause skin cancer at any age. Cover your skin, wear a hat and/or use sunscreen lotions when you are outdoors. For more
information about sun protection and skin cancer, visit the OSHA website on the subject.


EHS&RM - General

Tel: 770-499-3321
Fax: 770-420-4363

Campus Emergency

Dial - 6666


New KSU Accident Investigator

Accident investigation is an integral part of injury prevention planning and improvement. Information about prior accidents can form the basis for developing, evolving and improving safe work practices. The Environmental Health Safety & Risk Management (EHS&RM) department will implement a one-year pilot program for “Employee Accidents”. Karmen Binion, Risk Manager will lead this initiative as “Accident Investigator”. She will assist all campus units in investigating work-related injuries and illnesses.

Karmen will provide guidance to supervisors on accident investigation techniques. She will also work closely with entire EHS&RM staff to examine injury trends with a focus towards reducing work-related injuries across the campus.

Karmen will provide the following services:

  • Assist all levels of campus faculty & staff to investigate work-related injuries.
  • Identify root causes and actions needed to prevent recurrence.
  • Help track management actions that address conditions that are causing injuries.
  • Analyze historical injury data and make recommendations.
    §  Develop tools to enhance the effectiveness of the injury investigation process.
  • Develop "lessons learned" messages for dissemination across the campus.

She is uniquely qualified to undertake this assignment. In this role, as accident investigator, she will be contacting parties involved to discuss work-related injuries and follow-ups. She may then wish to contact the supervisor(s) directly and employee(s) involved in those injuries.

We are confident that you will find this input helpful in identifying the causes of work-related injuries valuable to all campus units. The right and responsibility to work safely is a shared act. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Karmen at 678-797-2460, or .

See you around campus!

Gerald C. Donaldson, REM


Safe Event Planning and Management


Public assembly events involve various risk factors associated with having large numbers of people in one location. The primary risk factors are the high occupant density, occupants that are not familiar with the building and in some cases darkness. These risks can be managed through proper event planning and management.

The health, safety and welfare of Kennesaw State University campus community must be managed safely for any event held on campus. The event organizers have the prime responsibility of ensuring all safety protocol measures are adhered to.

The EHS&RM Department has developed Event Safety Guidelines for the University which provides basic standards and safety measures consistent with best management practice for events on campus. These Guidelines take into account the nature, size and complexity of prospective events.

We encourage you to acquaint yourself with these guidelines. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this information. We welcome feedback regarding improving these measures.


Risk Management and Storm Safety

stormStorm events such as tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, and ice can considerably impact state owned property in Georgia.  Whatever the weather, the State needs to take steps to prevent losses at state facilities from storm-related events.  It is our responsibility to be good stewards of state facilities and equipment.  It is also our responsibility to maintain safe environments for employees, students and visitors.  This includes identifying conditions that may cause damage or injury.  One of the insurance issues that we deal with after loss is negligence.  If hazards are present  we can be held responsible for the loss to damaged property.

Therefore, please follow all safety rules if damage occurs to any state property;

Duties of Covered Party in the Event of Loss:

  • Report the loss immediately (within 48 hours from the date the loss was discovered) to EHS & RM, 1000 Chastain Rd., MD 0002, Kennesaw, GA  30144,
  • Notify law enforcement authorities where appropriate.
  • Take all reasonable steps to protect the Covered Property from further damage. If feasible, set the damaged    property aside and in the best possible order for examination. Also, keep a record of your expenses for emergency and temporary repairs, for reimbursement consideration.
  • Give complete inventories of the damaged and undamaged property.  Include quantities, costs, values, serial numbers or any identifying numbers and amount of loss claimed.
  • Permit inspection of the property proving the loss or damage and examine your books or records.
  • Cooperate in the investigation or settlement of the loss.

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