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zxcVol 3 Issue #10 October, 2011

Battery Recycling Boxes

EHS would like to call your attention to the new Battery Recycling Boxes located around campus. These boxes are located on the recycling/trash centers around campus. We are in the process of providing locations in each building. If you have more batteries than will fit in the container, batteries that are too large for the container, or if you do not yet have a container in your building please feel free to contact EHS at 770-499-3321 to schedule a pick up.

We thank you for your continued efforts to keep KSU and Georgia green.



EHS - General

Tel: 770-499-3321
Fax: 770-420-4363

Campus Emergency

Dial - 6666


Executive Director

Mr. Gerald Donaldson, REM

Chemical Safety Manager

Mrs. Vanessa Biggers

Environmental Manager

Mr. Stephen Ndiritu, MS

Safety Coordinator

Ms. Dena Harris

Admin. Associate II

Mrs. Natalie Higgins, BS

Student Assistant

Mrs. Leslie Davis

Student Assistant

Miss Brittany Rhoades

Work Study

Mr. David Harrell



 National Campus Fire Safety Month


Fire prevention is an integral part of our year round fire prevention and education campaign for the campus community. KSU continues to strive to increase awareness about fire safety across campus. Schools across the country will hold events to raise awareness in campus communities about how to prevent and respond to fires. We need to take every step possible to keep our students safe so they can focus on their education.

Throughout the year, the EHS staff can be found throughout campus conducting fire safety and prevention training through education. The entire program strengthens each year because of the dedication and diligence of the campus community towards fire prevention.
Fire Safety has always been and continues to be a high priority at KSU. Specific fire safety precautions for different events held at the university are outlined on the the EHS website. Please contact our office at 770-499-3321 regarding any additional information.


See you around campus!

Gerald C. Donaldson, REM
Executive Director-EHS

Halloween Safety Tips

(Contributed by, Halloween Safety for Adults)

Hey Trick-or-treaters, here at EHS the focus is on Safety and this month our EHS Safety Coordinator, Dena Harris, would like to share with you some tips on having a safe and happy Halloween.

  • Candle Safety: Never leave burning candles unattended. If you must use a real candle for lighting the inside of you pumpkin, make sure there are no flammables nearby (e.g. curtains, costumes, and/or props). And make sure to blow out your candle flames once you leave or go to bed, you never know when a pet or something may accidentally knock over you lit object.

  • Pumpkin Safety: Be careful when carving your pumpkin. A bloody finger is a very scary prop to add to your Halloween decor, but you don’t want it to be from your own hand!

  • Costume Safety: Dressing up for Halloween is just as fun for Adults, so make sure if you’re wearing a Halloween mask as part of your costume, the eye, nose, mouth, and ear holes are wide enough so you can see, breathe, and hear properly.

And remember not to drink and drive…Enjoy your Halloween!

EHS Would Like To Wish Everyone A Safe and Happy Halloween!


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