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Safety - Emergency Management

Emergency Evacuation

Emergencies situations such as fire, explosion, chemical spill, bomb threat or criminal behavior may require the building occupants including the students, faculty, staff and visitors to evacuate the affected building(s) for personal safety. When a call for emergency evacuation is made, whether via audio alarm, verbal announcements, or any other means, it is imperative that people heed the call to evacuate the building, even if one thinks the alarm might be a false alarm. During such evacuation, it is imperative that everyone cooperate and evacuate in an orderly and safe manner. Please use the navigation above to access procedure for specific emergencies.

Emergency Action Planning

Each building on campus has a building-specific Emergency Action Plan (EAP). In addition, each building has a designated Building Crisis Manager (CM). The Crisis Manager is responsible for developing and maintaining the building’s Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and serves as the first point of contact for questions regarding the building’s emergency procedures and the emergency action plan.

During a fire or other types of emergencies, your building EAP may be activated upon which all occupants MUST evacuate the building.  Only individuals designated in the EAP may remain in the building to fulfill their responsibilities. All other occupants must immediately evacuate the building when ordered to do so, in accordance with the building emergency action plan.

An adequate occupant familiarity with the building’ emergency evacuation procedures is critical to an orderly and safe evacuation and to minimizing the risk to life and property. If you are not familiar with your building emergency evacuation procedures, please consult your building’s Crisis Manager.

The KSU Department of Public Safety has the primary responsibility of managing emergencies and summoning outside assistance when necessary. Unauthorized re-entry into a building during an emergency evacuation is not permitted. Violators of this policy may be subject to the University and state fire code sanctions.


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