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Public assembly events involve various risk factors associated with having large numbers of people in one location. The primary risk factors are the high occupant density, occupants that are not familiar with the building, and in some cases darkness. These risks can be managed through proper event planning and management.

The health, safety, and welfare of Kennesaw State University students and employees, and guests attending an event must be managed and secured for any event held on campus. The event organizers, whether students, KSU employees, an outside organization and whether planning individually or collectively have a prime responsibility of protecting the health, safety and welfare of everyone working at, attending the event or likely to be affected by the event. It is important to recognize and appreciate the fact that planning for effective health and safety management should start at the same time as the planning for all other aspects of the proposed event.

The types of events held on campus vary enormously from graduation ceremonies to conferences, seminars, performances, concerts, to students’ functions, among many others.  In addition, the size and complexity of each event will vary from one event to another.  Nevertheless all events are covered by certain legal requirements, but the arrangements that may be needed will vary according to the event. The Department of Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management has developed an Event Safety Guideline which provides basic standards and safety measures through which it is hoped to encourage a consistency approach to environmental health and safety management of event while leaving scope for flexibility, taking into account the nature, size and complexity of the event.

The guideline seeks to makes clear what is required and why it is necessary or sensible to do it. However, it does not substitute the need for event organizers to seek advice from other sources and particularly consultation with University’s public safety department, local authorities and emergency services agents.

Please click HERE to download the Guideline in PDF format.


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