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Materials Recycled at KSU



Batteries are recycled through Interstate Battery of Metro Georgia.  Batteries accepted for recycle are nickel cadmium, nickel metal hybrid, lithium ion and small sealed lead batteries.  Departments should contact EHS&RM to arrange pick-up of their batteries or send them to EHS&RM through campus mail.

Automotive Products

KSU recycles motor oil, tires, batteries, parts washer solution and antifreeze from the vehicles and other required maintenance for which Plant Operations is responsible. While these materials make up only a small percentage of the overall waste stream, they have a potentially devastating effect on the environment when disposed of improperly.

Automotive Batteries

KSU returns core batteries to the place of purchase for recycling.


Tires are recycled using an EPD-Approved Scrap Tire Processor.

Parts Washer

The SmartWasher® is an aqueous-based, totally bioremediating parts cleaning system. The bioremediating process utilizes naturally occurring microbes, which eat oil, grease, and other contaminants. The system eliminates a waste stream from the campus profile.

Oil and Antifreeze

Crystal Clean handles the recycling of oil and antifreeze generated by the KSU motor pool.  MKC Enterprises handles the recycling of antifreeze generated by the HVAC shop.


Pallets are currently recycled using local outlets.

Flourescent Lamps/Ballast

MKC Enterprises handles the recycling of fluorescent lamps and ballasts, high intensity discharge bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs.

Computer Monitors

KSU recycles monitors, CPUs, and keyboards through state surplus utilizing phone bids.

Inkjet and Toner Cartridges

KSU has implemented an inkjet and toner cartridge recycling program.  Each department on campus will be responsible for contacting Environmental Health Safety and Risk Management, (EHS&RM) when cartridges are ready for recycle.  Toner cartridges should be placed in the box in which the replacement came before pick-up by EHS&RM.  Personnel may also send the cartridges to EHS&RM through campus mail.  The cartridges will be dropped off or mailed to the appropriate HP recycle vendor.

Paper, Plastic and Aluminum Products

Republic Services, KSU’s general waste contractor, handles the recycling of paper, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, phone books, plastic and aluminum.  Each office on campus has a blue recycling receptacle in which recyclable papers can be placed.  Mini Recycling Centers (MRCs) are set up across campus and include receptacles for paper, plastic and aluminum recycling.  The University custodial staff empties these containers daily.

Confidential Documents are handled by Iron Mountain.  The papers are shredded, cross-shredded and recycled at their facility. 


Used transparencies are recycled by 3M.  Faculty and staff send their used transparencies to the EHS&RM Department through campus mail.  EHS&RM mails the transparencies to 3m’s office in Exeter, PA, where they are recycled.





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