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Mini Recycling Centers

You will notice over the coming weeks the presence of Mini Recycling Centers (MRCs) in your building. These containers are currently being placed throughout campus. Some of the larger facilities will have more than one unit. The MRC has separate containers for aluminum, plastic, mixed paper and trash.  Even though Republic Services does not require the separation of recyclable materials, separation is a best management practice in the event that KSU uses a different company in the future that requires separation.

The following is a list of materials that can be placed in each MRC:




The plastic containers from our vending machines, (soft drinks, bottled water, juice) plastic utensils, and plastic cups. Due to the low individual income of aluminium and plastics, we ask that these items be placed in the MRCs.

j0308708Mixed paper

The same materials that you currently place in the blue paper recycling containers (white and colored bond paper, copier paper, notebook paper, manila folders and tab cards, plain envelopes (no windows), carbonless forms, post-it notes and newspaper)

X Trash

Non-recyclable products (i.e. waxed or plastic coated paper products, paper towels/tissues, styrofoam, small quantity metals and food). Regular housekeeping practices will remain in place. It is optional if you choose to empty your office blue container in the MRCs.

KSU does not recycle glass, however, we are making efforts to minimize glass usage.

*Please note that plastic recycling is a welcome addition to the materials that are currently being recycled on campus.

We need everyone's support to make recycling work on campus. You can start now by remembering to place this in the nearest recycling bin!

Thank you



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