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The Undergraduate English Education Major

General Advising information

  • If you are a first-year student...
  • If you are an undergraduate or transfer student...
  • If you have questions about the MAT, M.Ed., Ed.S., or Ed.D. programs, please contact Dr. Darren Crovitz, (770) 423-6598

Applying to the Teacher Education Program

    1. Log in to OWL Express
    2. Click on the "Student Services" tab
    3. Follow the "Bagwell College of Education Application and Forms" link
    4. Select "Application for Teacher Preparation Admission"

English Ed Advising Information (.docs)


TOSS and Student Teaching

Information about TOSS (Teaching of Specific Subjects, ENED 4414/15)

Applying for TOSS (ENED 4414/4415)

  1. You must complete the TOSS online application. Please print a copy of your confirmation email and submit it to Ms. Rhonda Nemeth in the English Dept. office, EB 155.
  2. You must also complete the TOSS Field Placement Request Form.

    Deadlines for submitting TOSS forms: Mar. 1 for fall, Aug. 30 for spring.

Applying for Student Teaching (ENED 4475): 

You must apply for your student teaching placement early in the semester prior to your planned student teaching.

  • Fall Student Teaching deadline: Jan. 30
  • Spring Student Teaching deadline: Aug. 30

See the CEPP page for more information about TOSS and Student Teaching Placements.



  • Petitioning to Graduate: You must petition to graduate during the semester before your graduation semester; this link provides more information.

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