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General Advising information

  • If you are a first-year student...
  • If you are an undergraduate or transfer student...
  • If you have questions about the MAT, M.Ed., Ed.S., or Ed.D. programs, please contact Dr. Darren Crovitz, (770) 423-6598

Applying to the Teacher Education Program

English Ed Advising Information (.docs)


Yearlong Clinical Experience (YCE) I and II

The Yearlong Clinical Experience takes place during your senior year; check the standard YCE I and II schedule of courses.

Eligibility for YCE

To be eligible for YCE, you must have

  • been admitted to Teacher Education (see above)
  • Preservice certification
  • at least a 2.75 GPA
  • completed all other pre-YCE-year coursework

Applying for YCE

  1. Complete the YCE online application. Please print a copy of your confirmation email and submit it to Ms. Rhonda Nemeth in the English Dept. office, EB 155. Deadline: Jan. 29.
  2. Complete the CEPP YCE Field Placement Request. Deadine: Feb. 5 (available Jan 15)

See the CEPP page for more information about Clinical Experience Placements.



  • Petitioning to Graduate: You must petition to graduate during the semester before your graduation semester; this link provides more information.

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