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MAT English
Admissions Information

  • Complete information for applying for admission to the MAT Secondary English program is available on the MAT Secondary English Graduate application page.

  • Application deadlines are Feb 1 (for June enrollment) and Oct. 1 (for January enrollment).

  • Applicants without a bachelor's degree in English (or a related field) may need to complete prerequisite course requirements. Prospective students needing to complete prerequisite courses at KSU may register as non-degree seeking undergraduate students in the semester(s) before applying for the program. Contact Dr. Crovitz (dcrovitz@kennesaw.edu) for more information.

  • The application process is competitive. Applications are considered in terms of quantitative measures (i.e., GPA, test scores) and qualitative measures (i.e., recommendation letters, personal statement, etc.)

  • Fall and spring semester classes are offered in the evenings, though extensive field experiences in schools typically demand a full-time commitment to the program. Students may craft a slower path through the program with advisor assistance.


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