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MAT Secondary English
Field Experience Information

The MAT English program has three field experiences.

EDUC 6110/6120: includes a 30-hr practicum involving classroom observation; taken during the candidate's first semester.

ENED 6414L: a two-month, 1/2-day internship in a middle school setting; taken concurrently with ENED 6414 during the fall semester.

  • internship placements are arranged in local schools
  • students work closely with a collaborating teacher ("CT") and are observed and evaluated by a university supervisor
  • guided by the CT, students gradually take over responsibility for teaching one or more classes
  • internship usually begins in mid-September and runs through November
  • students must complete the Field Placement Request form and the Criminal History Consent form online by Mar. 15 in the spring before their 6414L placement.

ENED 6475L: a 13-week, full-day student teaching placement in a high school; taken concurrently with ENED 6475 during the second spring semester.

  • students attend at least one teacher pre-planning day in early January
  • internship begins with the first day of high school classes and runs through April
  • students must complete the Field Placement Request form by Aug. 30 in the fall before their 6475L placement.

MAT Field Experience Handbook Addendum

For candidates who are currently teachers of English, Language Arts, or a closely related field, the MAT Secondary English program can integrate field experience requirements with their professional positions.


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