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Beginning in Fall 2015, MAT Secondary English students will complete a yearlong clinical experience (YCE) and a two-week middle school experience.

ENED 6650: approximately 2 full days and 2 half days per week in a field placement for the fall semester.

  • placements are arranged in local schools
  • students work closely with a collaborating teacher ("CT") in a co-teaching environment and are observed and evaluated by a university supervisor
  • guided by the CT, students gradually take over responsibility for teaching one or more classes
  • students must complete the Field Placement Request form by Mar. 1 in the spring before their ENED 6650 placement.

ENED 6660: 8 weeks of half days, 5 weeks of fulls days in the field placement during the second spring semester.

  • internship begins with the first day of KSU classes and runs through April
  • students must complete the Field Placement Request form by Aug. 30 in the fall before their ENED 6660 placement.

Two-week middle school placement: Typically arranged during the spring semester.

For candidates who are currently teachers of English, Language Arts, or a closely related field, the MAT Secondary English program can integrate field experience requirements with their professional positions.


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