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Online M.Ed. in Secondary Education English/
Middle Grades Language Arts

General Program Notes...

Opportunities for Specialization...

  • Students interested in teaching English or writing at the college level in the future can follow the traditional M.Ed. in Secondary Education English program of study, which offers 18 credit hours in graduate English coursework (typically the minimum necessary to teach in English departments in post-secondary institutions).
  • Students interested in gaining specific endorsements during the program can arrange an individualized program of study. For instance, a student might only take four English courses in order to earn an endorsement in ESOL, Reading, or Gifted Education.
    Contact M.Ed. program coordinator Dr. Nichole Guillory (nguillo1@kennesaw.edu) or M.Ed. English Education coordinator Dr. Darren Crovitz (dcrovitz@kennesaw.edu) for more information.


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