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"Justin's Fun Word Facts,"
Justin F.

"A History of Wikipedia in 2 1/2 Minutes,"
Justin F.

"Hope Leslie,"
LeeAnn E.

"Why Sometimes Y,"
Lance H.

"Hyperbole and Understatement,"
Roxane D.

"The Negro Speaks of Rivers,"
Marsha B.

"TKAM in Four Minutes,"
Lauren K.

"Strawberry Milkshake,"
Sheena H.

"Mean Grandmother,"
Toni S. and Brian M.

"A Field Guide to Speaking British,"
Ashley W.

"The Hollow Men,"
Megan V.

"Who's Who in Classic Literature,"
Kathleen P.

"Jane Eyre: Hot or Not?"
Carol H.

"To Be or Not to Be,"
Bonnie F.

"Here Comes the Grammar,"
Keith B.

"Classic Literature in Pop Culture,"
Raegan H.

"Annabel Lee"
Jill S.

"Anyway, Any Way, Anyways,"
Kristin C. and Danielle S.
"What is a Homophone?"
John W.
"How to Spot an Austen Hero,"
Casey C.
"Twitter for English Teachers"
Megan V.
Steven W.

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