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Recent Student Projects of Note...

  • Jodie De-Gruy Fowler, Jamie Hain, Robin-Lee Liversage, Kim Moulton, Rebecca Nabors, Brian Peace, Kaitlin Watkins, and David White presented work at the 2012 Georgia Council of Teachers of English conference.
  • 2010 English Ed graduate Danielle Sasser's ENGL 3241 video explaining Similes and Metaphors has been included as supplemental English instruction textbook material by Lungteng Cultural Co., Ltd.
  • Jordan Leonard and Elisma vanEeden presented “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My: Blogging with Preservice Teachers to Negotiate the Educational Jungle" with Michelle Goodsite and Jennifer Dail at the 2011 Georgia Council Teachers of English Conference. The session focused on a blogging project the students participated in during TOSS that connected them with classroom teachers in California and Georgia.
  • Josh Jordan, Derek Rader, and Chelsea Stanley presented “I’m a Student, I’m a Teacher: Helping Preservice Teachers Find Identity in the Professional Jungle" with Jennifer Dail and Michelle Goodsite at the 2011 Georgia Council of Teachers of English Conference. This session focused on the students’ perceptions and formations of teacher identity from TOSS through their current student teaching placements.
  • “The Realm of Possibility: Creating Mirrors and Windows for Readers through Young Adult Novels with LGBTQ Content,” an article by Jennifer Dail and Jordan Leonard, appears in the Winter 2011 issue of The ALAN Review.
  • Jordan Leonard and Jennifer Dail presented “Media Influences on LGBTQ Youth and Home Reaction to ‘Coming Out’” at Kennesaw State University’s 2010 Conference on Literature for Children and Adolescents. This session extended from work Jordan developed during GWST 3030.
  • 2010 MAT Secondary English graduate Roxane Day's digital film "Hyperbole and Understatement" was included in Literacy 10, a digital textbook published by Nelson Education Ltd.
  • 2010 MAT Secondary English graduate Justin Franco's digital film "Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo" was featured on Reddit.com.

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