University Events



  • Create a Reservation

    Create a Reservation


    The Office of University Events assigns space according to the most appropriate use of the venue as the event is described on the request form. The demands on the venue as well as the nature and the size of the event will be considered in determining space assignments.

  • Simple Meeting

    Simple Meeting


    A simple meeting is one that does not require any type of setup, special audio or visual needs, parking, food/catering, or additional support from any other campus entity. The rooms are booked "as-is". This is only for KSU faculty and staff. If Non-KSU guests are attending, this is not a simple meeting.

  • Campus Event

    Campus Event


    A campus event is one that requires any type of setup, special audio or visual needs, parking or food/catering, please fill out and submit the Campus Event Request Form. All Presidential and Cabinet gatherings are considered campus events.

  • Information Table

    Information Table


    Your table will be set up 15 minutes prior to your event start time. Information tables cannot be booked less than 48 hours in advance.

  • Non-Campus Requests

    Community Requests


    This form is for NON KSU EMPLOYEE USERS ONLY who wish to request for space on Kennesaw State University's campus.

  • Virtual EMS

    Virtual EMS


    The Kennesaw State University Event Management System offers a comprehensive listing of KSU events. All active KSU Faculty and Staff are able to login to the Virtual Events Management System by using their Net Id and password.