Bursar's Office - Tuition and Fees

Expenses include in-state tuition, out of state tuition, mandatory student fees and other special fees. All fees are due and payable at the time of registration, and registration is not complete until all fees have been paid. To view tuition and fees by semester, select the appropriate link below:

Fall 2015/Spring 2016

Tuition & Fee Increases

As a member institution of the University System of Georgia, Kennesaw State University’s tuition and fee increases are effective with the Fall semester. The Board of Regents usually approves all tuition and fee schedules for the upcoming year during their April meeting. These approved tuition and fee schedules will be made available upon receipt by Kennesaw State University. Please note that fees are subject to change at the end of any academic term without prior notice.

Mandatory Fees

All students are assessed a Technology and Special Institutional Fee.

Activity, Athletic, Health, International, Parking, Recreation Center Shuttle, Sports & Recreation Parks; and, Wellness Fees can vary based on the campus designation of a course.

The rules for each campus are listed below. Please be mindful that a student must enroll in courses with the same campus designation to qualify for the applicable Mandatory Fee discounts, otherwise the On Campus (A, M, or C) designation rules apply.

Mandatory Fees by Campus
Campus Code Location All
and Institutional
Fee Only
A, M or C Kennesaw/Marietta campuses or
KSU Center location
D Dalton State College
F Study Abroad, Practicum experiences
or internships located at least 50
miles from campus (A)
G Galleria Center
O Online
P Paulding
X Exchange or Cross-registration (B)

(A) The Technology Fee is waved for Study Abroad students.
(B) All Mandatory Fees are assessed; then all are waived.

Collection of Outstanding Balances

Kennesaw State University reserves the right to use a collection agency and to pursue legal action in order to collect the balance of any debt. Once an account is placed in collection or legal action is pursued by the collection agency, the student will be liable for all collection fees, which will be in addition to the amount of the original debt. At this point, the student will no longer be able to pay the University directly, and any communication or correspondence with the University about such debt must be directed through the collection agency.