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        Foreign Language Resource Collection

FLRC offers access to the following for faculty:

Foreign Language Films

Click here for a list of foreign language music.


Faculty FAQs

Can I reserve the FLRC lab for a class session?

Yes, the FLRC lab may be reserved for a class session provided the use of individual computer stations is necessary.

I need a piece of technology, DVD, or other language resources, but it is not available in the FLRC collection. Will the FLRC purchase this for me?

Yes, the FLRC may purchase resources to be housed in the FLRC and intended for general use by DFL faulcty and/or the students.

I really would like to learn how to do something with a specific technology. Does the FLRC offer anything to help?

Yes, workshops are provided to train faculty to use certain technologies. In addition, user instructions and tutorials are often made, which focus on specific technologies.