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Master of Science in First-Year Studies Graduate Program


In Fall 2015, Kennesaw State University will offer a fully online graduate degree program in First-Year Studies. The M.S. in First-Year Studies will equip  participants with the knowledge of the transitions that first-year students face to prepare them to design, manage and deliver both curricular and co-curricular  programs to help first-year students succeed. 


This new Master of Science degree will encompass the theory and study of factors affecting the initial college experience, including foundations of students’ transitional experiences and research on various programs that promote a successful transition.


Outcomes for Graduates of the M.S. in First-Year Studies Program:

●         Demonstrate knowledge of the leading theories in curriculum, instruction, and assessment relative to first-year students.


●         Develop the ability to apply seminal concepts to create effective curricular initiatives and the practical organization of first-year programs.


●         Understand the use of both quantitative and qualitative research/analyses to investigate and solve problems connected to the field of First-Year Studies while advancing research and teaching in the discipline.


●         Demonstrate competency in multiculturalism, specifically as it relates to serving the diverse first year student population.


●         Create outcome assessments and program evaluation protocols to support continuous assessment of first-year programs and experiences.


●         Conduct primary research in the area of First-Year Studies or in the area of first-year student transitions through the design and analysis of an independent research study that is successfully defended at the conclusion of the program of study.

Required and Elective Courses for the M.S. in First-Year Studies

●         FYP 5000 - Introduction to First-Year Studies

●         FYP 5100 - Methods and Assessment of First-Year Programs

●         FYP 5200 - History of First-Year Studies

●         FYP 5300 - Fundamentals of Designing First-Year Programs and Experiences

●         FYP 5400 - Cognitive Development of First-Year College Students

●         FYP 5500 - Development and Organization of First-Year Programs

●         FYP 5600 - First-Year Student Success: Theory and Practice

●         FYP 5700 - Multiculturalism of First-Year Students

●         FYP 5900 - Directed Study (Elective)

●         FYP 6000 - Practicum: Teaching a First-Year Seminar (Elective)

●         FYP 6100 - Seminar on Current Topics in First-Year Studies (Elective)

●         FYP 6200 - Thesis



For more information about the program, contact:

Stephanie M. Foote, Ph.D.

Director, Master of Science in First-Year Studies

Associate Professor of Education

Editor, Journal of College Orientation and Transition

Department of First-Year and Transition Studies

Kennesaw State University

Email: sfoote@kennesaw.edu

Phone: 770-423-6503


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