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IT 2101 Computers and Your World


What is IT 2101? 
IT 2101, Computers and Your World, is a course focused on digital literacy.  This course explores how computers and the Internet have revolutionized society and become an integral part of every profession.


Topics you might discuss in IT2101:

Are you a digital native or a digital immigrant?

MacVsPC DigitalSecurity ExcelAccess DigitalFootprint WebCredibility

Hardware and Software:

computer platforms
teamWindows vs teamMac

Your digital life:

How secure is it?


Slicing & dicing-
turning data into information

Digital footprints,
Digital shadows:

Do you have one?
How large is it?

The Internet:

If everything on the www is not credible, how can we tell the difference?


Is this course required?
This course is required in some majors, but it is not a university-wide requirement. If you choose to take IT 2101, it may count as one of your free electives. Check with your advisor to learn more about how this course fits into the curriculum for your major.


How can I learn more about this course?
The course is administered by the Department of First-Year and Transition Studies in University College. To learn more about the course, you can contact the course coordinator, Instructor Debra Geist, at dgeist1@kennesaw.edu.



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