Welcome to the “Get Global” website! Global learning continues to grow in importance at KSU. At KSU, we have had almost two decades of institutional engagement in international and intercultural education. We are now poised to advance to a new level of effectiveness in which all KSU graduates are prepared as global citizens.

As part of our institutional accreditation in 2006-07, we have launched a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) with a focus on global learning for engaged citizenship that will be implemented from 2007 to 2012. Over the next five years, there will be a focus on providing more visibility to KSU’s current global learning opportunities and increasing opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The “Get Global” and QEP initiatives support KSU’s 2007-2012 strategic plan of “preparing students to be leaders and creating a campus culture that assures an appreciation of diversity.”

We encourage you to browse through KSU’s global learning resources on the “Get Global” website and continue to use the website as it is expanded. The website provides easy access to “Get Global Perspectives, Competencies, and Experiences.”

Valerie Whittlesey and Akanmu Adebayo



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