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Evaluators will only review sections D-G and H or I, if applicable.  Coursework and Education Abroad Experience will be verified by the Director of Global Engagement

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  Meets Criteria for Certification Meets Criteria for Certification with Distinction Does Not Meet
Pre-Evaluation – To be completed by Global Learning Director.
Global Coursework  
Education Abroad  
1. Effective Intercultural Engagement Skills
Section “D” Foreign Language Proficiency (Skills) -
For Certification :A persuasive description of what the applicant has attained and demonstrates at least a beginner’s/novel level of oral proficiency in one or more foreign languages.
For Certification with Distinction :A description of the applicant’s independent verification of oral proficiency at the “high intermediate” or greater level in at least one non-native foreign language using ACTFEL oral proficiency exam results or equivalent evidence (supporting evidence should be attached). Visiting International Students whose native/first language is not English have satisfied these criteria by meeting KSU's ESL admission requirements and should so be described.
Section “E”International Community Engagement -
For Both Certification : Strong and substantive examples are described of service or engagement activity, and may include information containing their role, type of engagement, obstacles encountered and lessons learned.
2. Demonstrated Global Citizenship
Section “F” Cross Cultural Awareness –
For both Certifications : A reflective and insightful description of what the applicant has learned about his/her native nation/culture and how it is influenced by other nations/cultures around the globe.
Section “G” Future Impact Community Service –
For both Certifications : A substantive essay with enough detail to provide the evaluator with a clear understanding of what the applicant learned. Does the applicant describe how their global learning experiences impacted career goals/understanding of major area of study? Did the applicant describe how their global experiences will impact their future personal and professional growth?
Applicants Seeking Certification with Distinction, in addition to completing A-G, complete either H or I.
Section “H” Cross Cultural Immersion
One or more meaningful experiences of being immersed in a different nation/culture for an extended period of time (e.g., through home-stay, work or internship abroad) are described along with a reflective account of what was learned from that cross-cultural immersion experience.
Section “I” Leadership/Recognition in Global Citizenship –
Substantive examples of leadership roles assumed and/or recognition/awards received for work and contributions as a global citizen are persuasively described.


The candidate meets or exceeds expectations in the required criteria of KNOWLEDGEABLE GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES, EFFECTIVE INTERCULTURAL SKILLS, DEMONSTRATED GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP as specified above and is recommended for:

Global Engagement Certification with Distinction



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