SCIE Asia Council

Meeting at Macon State College

September 9, 2005

1:30 PM





1.       Introductions/ Circulation of Contact Sheet

Present were the Council Chair, Dan Paracka (Kennesaw state University); May Gao ( Kennesaw State University) Guo Baogang (Dalton State University); Eric Kendrick (Georgia Perimeter College); John Leightner (Augusta State); Tracy Provost (Middle Georgia); Salli Vargis (Georgia Perimeter College); Wilson Huang, Valdosta State University; and the Council secretary, Marc Jason Gilbert (North Georgia College & State University).


2.       Minutes approved




None presented by a Board of Regents representative, but Deidre Williams, a Visiting Fulbright Scholar, will be representing the Board of Regents at future meetings. Dan Paracka announced that the web-based courses in foreign languages are running well via Georgia Tech, covering Japanese, Chinese, and Russian with possible future expansion to encompass Arabic and other languages. He also mentioned that those who wish to publicize their events should contact Carrie Sloan [] so that she may include it in the USGOIE calendar.




By-laws revisions remain in limbo, but it was decided until they are modified it should be the practice that the council should invite nominations several meetings in advance of elections and that, though regularly scheduled and held according to the bylaws, forthcoming elections should also be announced well in advance of the meeting at which the elections are held.




Current balance totals 16, 439.00. The council discussed ways of disbursing some of the surplus in support of study abroad programs pending BOR approval.


E. STUDY ABROAD (2005 Reports and Plans for 2006)

1.       India.Salli Vargis reported its success in attracting 14 excellent students (two Ph. D candidates) and having the programís participantís benefit from the program (one subsequently earned a Fulbright).†††

2.       China-General Studies. Guo Baogang reported similar success, with 22 students, 14 of whom came from GSU due to Douglas Reynoldís assistance in recruitment, underscoring the importance of local faculty recruitment efforts.††

3.       China-Intensive Language. May Gao discussed the transition of the program from Paul Fosterís leadership (Foster now guides a stand alone program at Georgia Tech) but could report that 6 students (two from Tech) participated in the program.

4.       Ever better news was that the student, Jenika Holyfield, who participated in both China programs, received a Freeman grant.

5.       ISEP/Other Program opportunities were also discussed.

6.       Eric Kendrick reported on the results of his meeting with Dwight Call which resulted in the passing of the Japan Study Abroad baton. The Council expressed its deepest thanks for Dwightís laborís to sustain this program over the years and Eric shared the on-going efforts to sustain that program.



1. India. Salli, Vargis, Dan Paracka and Marc Gilbert reported on 2005 program that ambitiously joined scholars of technology and in the social sciences in an examination of the impact of globalization in India. The program encountered few physical difficulties [300 inches of rain fell after the groupís departure from Mumbai] and post-program assessments fell within the accustom range of success. A possible post-program teleconferencing event with the programsí partners in India was discussed. Faculty participants have already prepared presentations for the Georgia Consortium for International Studies Faculty Symposium, March 16-17, 2006.


It was agreed that all seminar directors should more closely explore Education About Asia, regional Asian studiesí publications and other outlets for faculty publications facilitated by the program experience.


2. Two possible competing seminars, in Korea and China were discussed. Both were so attractive, it was suggested that they be combined after the fashion of the recent Marc Gilbert/Paul Rodell-led seminar in Vietnam and the Philippines. Their sponsors, Gau Baogang and Eric Kendrick, agree to make such an attempt at blending [they will report at December meeting of their success at so doing]


3. Proposals for Summer 2007. The deadline is December 1, 2005.




1. The Georgia Consortium for International Studies Faculty Symposium, March 16-17, 2006.

2. Southeast Conference of the Association for Asian Studies, Atlanta, GA, January 20-22, 2006

3. 2006 Association for Asian American Studies Conference, Atlanta, GA, March 22-26, 2006




1.†† Next meeting Date set for Winter, December 2, 2005