September 14, 2007

Macon State College




The meeting was called to order by the Council Chair, Dan Paracka (Kennesaw State University) at 9:35 AM.  Also present (clockwise around the table) were Baogang Guo (Dalton State College), Tom Howard (Armstrong Atlantic State University), Charu Goyle (Board of Regents, Office of International Education), Tracie Provost (Middle Georgia College), Liz Havey (Georgia College & State University), Wilson Huang (Valdosta State University), Eric Kendrick (Georgia Perimeter College), Tom Dolan (Columbus State University), Paul Raptis (Gainesville State College), Billy Wells (North Georgia College and State University), Tom Preston (Gainesville State College),  Jonathan Leightner (Augusta State University), Lily Wang (Macon State College), Yu Zhang (Bainbridge College).


After a round of introductions, the minutes of the March 31, 2007, meeting were approved, with two corrections: (1) the application deadline for faculty who want to participate in Baogang Guo’s China study-abroad program is February 15, not April 1, and (2) participation in the Japan study-abroad in 2006 was 9 and not 3 as implied by the minutes.  The 2007 number was correctly stated as 12.



Charu Goyle made the following points:

1)  There will be an International Education Summit meeting on October 10, with representatives from all USG campus to discuss how to move international programs forward.  Participation is by invitation only.


2) On October 11 there will be a workshop on the Seven Revolutions Project at the Georgia Perimeter Clarkston campus.  This event is already full, but information on Seven Revolutions can be found at http://www.7revs.org/sevenrevs_content.html


3) The System Council on International Education is meeting on September 28 at Macon State College.


4) The Board of Regents has issued a new strategic plan.  Goal #1 pertains most to international education


5) The USG issues a briefing book on international programs.  This contains some information that is not on the website.


6) There will be two faculty development seminars in 2008.  The Africa Council is sponsoring a program in Nigeria, with a focus on visual, literary, and performing art.  The Europe Council is sponsoring a program in Spain and Morocco, with a focus on migration and integration of cultures.   Application deadlines for both programs is January 4, 2008.


7) For the second year, the OIE will make an Internationalizing the Campus grant of up to $80,000 to a USG institution.  The 2006 recipient was North Georgia College & State University, and the text of their application can be read on the OIE’s website.  


8)  USG has renewed its contract for mandatory student accident and sickness insurance in  2007-08 with the current vendor, Pearce & Pearce, Inc.  F-1 and J-1 visa students are required to enroll.  The plan has different rates and

benefits based on undergraduate or graduate status.





Eric Kendrick presented a draft proposal for an Asian Studies certificate.  There was general support and approval of the draft, but about an hour of discussion on various points. Eric will be making revisions based on the feedback and further review of the Americas Council certificate.


a) Special topics or research courses should count towards the 18 units


b) It  would be desirable to have system institutions show the certificate on student transcripts, though it seems as though this will require an individual approach to the registrar’s office at each institution.


c)  Students can earn the certificate at either two- or four-year institutions.


d) On-line courses will probably be necessary, especially in languages.


e) There is a distribution requirement: students cannot get all 18 units in language, only up to 12.


f)  Should there be a minimum course grade?  After discussion, agreement that it should be a C.


g) The certificate should be awarded as soon as a student earns it, not held until graduation.


h) There should be an application form, which could also serve as a requirement checklist.


i) Institutional representatives on the Asia Council should play a gatekeeper/advisor role on their campuses.





Asia Council’s turn will come again in 2009.  Deadline for proposals is December 1, 2007. 


There was general agreement that Thailand would be a good destination.  There has not yet been a Council-supported trip to Thailand.  Jonathan Leightner agreed to be an assistant leader, but made a strong request to have someone with more experience in leading such trips to be the actual leader.  Dan Paracka said he would consult with a Thai colleague at Kennesaw about fulfilling this role.  The theme of the seminar would be broad, e.g. Society and Culture in Thailand.




There was discussion of procedures for endorsement by the Asia Council of proposed study-abroad programs.


Wilson Huang reported that there were 32 students in his China program this past summer.    This coming summer the language program in Chinese will again follow immediately on the general studies program, but it will be in Shanghai this coming summer instead of Beijing.


Georgia College and State University is preparing a Korea Art program and a China Management program.




The next Asia Council meeting will be on November 30, at 10 AM, at Macon State College.



Submitted by Thomas F. Howard