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The Madhuri and Jagdish N. Sheth

Nomination Deadline: February 20, 2014

The Alumni Award recognizes the University's distinguished alumni. Recipients of the award include individuals who are highly distinguished in their profession, either internationally or nationally; who have helped their nation or the world by outstanding contributions to government, humanity, science, art, or human welfare; and who exemplify the strength of their education at Kennesaw State University.

The recipient will receive a plaque to be presented at the International Achievement Awards Celebration, hosted by Kennesaw State University’s Office of the President, Office of the Provost and The Institute for Global Initiatives.


  • Have received a degree from Kennesaw State University. In exceptional cases, attendance for one academic year may be sufficient.
  • Have distinguished him/herself in activities in a country other than the U.S. or in an international context.
  • Not currently a member of Kennesaw State University faculty, staff, or Board of Trustees.

 Selection Criteria

  • Must be highly distinguished in his/her business, profession, or life's work, either internationally or nationally in his or her country.
  • Must be of such stature and accomplishment that students, faculty, and staff of Kennesaw State University will take pride in and be inspired by his/her recognition.
  • Must be an individual whose contributions to humanity, science, art, or human welfare have helped the citizens of his/her country and/or the global population.
  • Must be an individual whose life activities reflect the importance of his/her education at Kennesaw State University.
  • Have contributed significantly, either as a volunteer or in a professional capacity, to the advancement, education, health and well-being, or security of people in a country other than the United States, or to global human welfare generally.
  • Be of such accomplishment that students, alumni, faculty, and staff of Kennesaw State University, as well as the general public, will be inspired by the recognition of his or her work abroad.
  • Be an individual whose courage and dedication to the welfare of people at the grass-roots level exemplifies the highest ideals of selflessness and humanitarian service.

Selection Process

  • The selection committee will evaluate and rank all nominations, recommending up to three nominees to the President, Provost, and Senior International Officer for final selection.
  • Nominators will be notified regarding the status of their nomination(s) in July.
  • Nominations will roll-over for up to three academic years as long as the applicant continues to meet all of the eligibility requirements.
  • Nominations do not have to be updated in order to be included in the next award cycle, but nominators will be invited (and are encouraged) to submit updated material each year.





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