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Wednesday, November 17, 2010
KHE 1203


1. Approval of minutes from November 3, 2010

2. Old Business – Second Readings

Dr. Doug Hearrington
Educational Technology

New Course Proposal - MEd/EdS/EdD in Instructional Technology
ITEC 7445 Multi-Media and Web Design and Development in Education
ITEC 7445 Syllabus

3. New Business: 

Dr. Lewis Van Brackle
Mathematics & Statistics
College of Science & Mathematics
Master of Science in Applied Statistics
New Course Proposals:
STAT 8020 Advanced Programming in SAS
STAT 8020 Syllabus
STAT 8125 Design & Analysis of Human Studies
STAT 8125 Syllabus
STAT 8220 Time Series Forecasting
STAT 8220 Syllabus
STAT 8225 Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis
STAT 8225 Syllabus
STAT 8330 Applied Binary Classification
STAT 8330 Syllabus

MSAS Program Change

Dr. Samuel Abaidoo
Sociology and Criminal Justice
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Master of Criminal Justice
New Course Proposals:
CRJU 7701 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice
CRJU 7702 Advanced Criminological Theory
CRJU 7703 Advanced Law Enforcement
CRJU 7704 Institutional and Community Corrections
CRJU 7705 Law and the Legal Process
CRJU 7706 Advanced Research Methods and Computer Applications
CRJU 7707 Strategic Planning in Criminal Justice
CRJU 7708 Criminal Justice Policy and Analysis
CRJU 7709 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
CRJU 7710 Crimes and International Security
CRJU 7711 Human Rights Standards in Law Enforcement
BOR MSCJ Full Proposal

Dr. Leigh Funk
Enterprise Information Management
Introductory Discussion Regarding University-wide Student Learning Competencies

Dr. Charles Amlaner
2011 Distinguished Graduate Teaching, Scholarship and Service Awards
Establishment of a Graduate Awards Review Panel
Overview, Process and Timeline

4.  Next GPCC meeting:  December 1, 2010, 12:30-1:30 p.m., KH1203 



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