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Wednesday, February 9, 2011
KHE 1203


1. Approval of minutes from January 26, 2011

2.  Old Business

Dr. Leigh Funk
Enterprise Information Management
University-wide Student Learning Competencies

Dr. Kathryn Epps
Master of Accounting

ACCT 8110 Advanced Financial Reporting
ACCT 8120 Risk Analysis and Control...
ACCT 8190 Accounting Strategies for Decision Making...
ACCT 8215 Leadership and Professional Skills
ACCT 8310 Travel Experience in Financial Reporting...
ACCT 8320 Travel Experience in Taxation
ACCT 8400 Seminar in Auditing
ACCT 8410 Seminar in Internal Auditing
ACCT 8420 Forensic Accounting
ACCT 8430 Fraudulent Financial Reporting...
ACCT 8440 Current Topics in Financial Reporting
ACCT 8510 Tax Research and Procedure
ACCT 8520 Corporate Tax and Shareholders
ACCT 8530 Taxation and Flow-Through Entities
ACCT 8560 International Taxation
ACCT 8580 Current Topics in Taxation

MAcc Changes in Existing Policy and Program

Dr. Michele Zebich-Knos
MS in International Policy Management

IPM 7760/Global Experience
IPM 7765/Capstone: Practicum or Thesis

3.   New Business

Gwen McAlpine
Master of Education in Early Childhood Education

Proposed Program Changes (All changes are highlighted)
Revised Courses:
ECE 7513: Diversity and Global Education
ECE 7530: Integrated Models of Instruction I (Language Arts & Social Studies)
ECE 7560: Capstone Course for E-portfolio and Conference
ECE 7706: Trends and Issues in Science for Early Childhood Education
New Courses:
ECE 7525: Teaching Number, Operations, and Algebraic Thinking (P-5)
ECE 7543: Research III

Joseph Dirnberger
Department of Biology and Physics

Master of Science in Integrative Biology Program Proposal
New Courses:
BIOL 6413 Advanced Evolutionary Analysis
BIOL 7100 Professional Aspects in Biology
BIOL 7200 Integrative Biology
BIOL 7300 Research Methods Across Biology
BIOL 7333 Ecological Physiology
BIOL 7400 Multidiscp App to Ecol Questions
BIOL 7478 Molec & Microbiol Path
BIOL 7500 Seminar
BIOL 7634 Cell Signaling
BIOL 7638 Computational Biology
BIOL 7990 Research for Masters Thesis
Crosslisted Courses:
BIOL 4350-6350 CompVertAnat
BIOL 4410 Cell and Molecular
BIOL 4420 Plant Physiology
BIOL 4422-6422 Plant Ecology
BIOL 4460-6460 Medical Micobiology
BIOL 4475-6475 Virology
BTEC 4100-6100 MolecGenetics
BTEC 4800-6800 Diagnostic Microbiology
Course Revision:
BIOL 6490 from 7900 Special Topics

4.   Next GPCC meeting:  February 23, 2011, 12:30-1:30 p.m., KH1203 



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