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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
KHE 1203


1. Approval of minutes from April 13, 2011

2. Old Business

College of the Arts
Master of Music
Harry Price
Master of Music Full Proposal
New Courses
MUAP 7740 Masters Recital
MUED 6804 Gen Materials Strategies Early Childhood
MUED 6805 Gen Materials Strategies Middle Grades
MUED 6810 Music Education Applied Project
MUED 6860 Instrument Techniques
MUED 7810 Contemporary Issues in Music Education
MUSI 6010 Intro to Scholarship in Music
MUSI 6210 Analysis and Performance
MUSI 6310 Music of the Baroque Era
MUSI 6415 Vocal Literature I
MUSI 6417 Oratorio Literature
MUSI 6419 Advanced Choral Literature
MUSI 6420 Instrumental Literature & Chamber Repertoire
MUSI 6434 Voice Pedagogy
MUSI 6440 Choral Pedagogy
MUSI 6510 Advanced Keyboard Skills
MUSI 6520 Fretboard Harmony
MUSI 6710 Graduate Conducting Seminar
MUSI 7010 Music Entrepreneurship
MUSI 7020 Psychology of Music
MUSI 7416 Vocal Literature II
MUSI 7710 Master's Thesis

Cross Listed Courses
MUED 3302/MUED 6802 Choral Methods, Materials, and Curriculum
MUED 3303/MUED 6803 Instrumental Methods, Materials and Curriculum
MUED 3308/MUED 6808 Music Education for Exceptional Students
MUED 3334/MUED 6834 Foundations of Music Education
MUED 3370/MUED 6870 Marching Band Techniques
MUSI 3318/MUSI 6318 Symphonic Repertoire
MUSI 4433/MUSI 6433 Voice Pedagogy
MUSI 3333/MUSI 6533 Accompanying
MUSI 3343/MUSI 6643 Jazz Ensemble
MUSI 3346/MUSI 6646 Chamber Singers
MUSI 3347/MUSI 6647 Wind Ensemble
MUSI 3348/MUSI 6648 Symphony Orchestra
MUSI 3349/MUSI 6649 Chorale
MUSI 3352/MUSI 6652 Opera Theater
MUSI 3380/MUSI 6680 Small Ensemble
MUSI 4413/MUSI 7413 Piano Literature I
MUSI 4414/MUSI 7414 Piano Literature II
MUSI 4430/MUSI 7430 Piano Pedagogy I
MUSI 4431/MUSI 7431 Piano Pedagogy II
MUSI 4435/MUSI 7435 (Instrument) Pedagogy & Literature

3. New Business

Bagwell College of Education
Master of Education in Adolescent Education
Executive Summary of Program Revisions
M.Ed. in Adolescent Education Program Proposal
EDUC 7752 Course Revision - Syllabus
EDUC 7703 Course Revision - Syllabus
EDUC 7700 Course Revision - Syllabus
EDUC 7705 Course Revision - Syllabus
EDUC 7797 Course Revision - Syllabus

4. Update from GPCC rep to Strategic Thinking and Planning committee
Dr. Taha Mzoughi




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