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GPCC Members Listing: 2014-2015

Teaching Faculty

College Faculty Member Department



Term Expires
Architecture & Construction Management        
Business Xiao Huang Economics, Finance, & Qualitative Analysis xhuang3 2015
Stuart Napshin Management & Entrepreneurship snapshin 2016
Computing & Software Engineering Jeff Chastine Computer Science jchasti1  
Jack Zheng Information Technology gzheng  
Education Corrie Theriault Elementary and Early Childhood Education cdavi163 2015
Nita Paris Secondary and Middle Grades Education nparis 2016
Engineering & Engineering Technology Mohammed Karim Civil and Construction Engineering mkarim4  
Walter Thain Electrical and Computer Engineering wthain  
Health & Human Services Yvonne Eaves Nursing yeaves 2015
Camille Payne Nursing lpayne3 2016
Humanities & Social Sciences Sherrill Hayes Political Science shayes32 2015
Amy Buddie Psychology abuddie 2016
Science & Mathematics Scott Nowak** Biology & Physics snowak 2015
Martin Hudson Biology & Physics mhudso28 2016
University College Stephanie Foote First Year and Transition Studies sfoote 2015
Carlton Usher First Year and Transition Studies cusher 2016


Other Voting Members

Vice-President Research and Graduate Dean Charles Amlaner
Library David Evans
Registrar Ana Edwards
Graduate Student Fion Lau

Ex-Officio Members from Other Colleges

College of the Arts

Harrison Long, Theatre & Performance Studies
College of the Arts John Warren, School of Music

Administrative Non-Voting

Director of Graduate Admissions David Baugher
Publications Jamie Grimes/Jennifer Figueroa
Enterprise Information Management Donna Hutcheson

Graduate Program Directors Ex-Officio Non-Voting

College Program Director
Humanities and Social Sciences Ph.D. in International Conflict Management Brandon Lundy
MA in American Studies Rebecca Hill
MA in Integrated Global Communications Buddy Mayo
MA in Professional Writing Jim Elledge
MS in Conflict Management Sherrill Hayes
MS in Criminal Justice Sutham Cobkit
MS in International Policy Management Chien-Pin Li
Master of Public Administration David Shock
Business Doctor of Business Administration Torsten Pieper/Juanne Greene
Master of Accounting Kathryn Epps
Master of Business Administration Tim Mathews
Executive MBA Alison Keefe
MS in Information Systems Tridib Bandyopadhyay
Education Ed.D/Ed.S in Teacher/Service Fields Corrie Davis
Ed.D/Ed.S in Educational Leadership Susan Padgett-Harrison
Master of Arts in Teaching Jillian Ford
Ed.S. in Curriculum & Instruction Gwen McAlpine
M.Ed in Early Childhood Education Lee Digiovanni
M.Ed in Educational Leadership Robin Saunders
M.Ed in Instructional Technology Laurie Brantley-Dias
M.Ed in Middle Grades Education Daphne Hubbard
M.Ed in Reading Daphne Hubbard
M.Ed in Secondary Education Daphne Hubbard
M.Ed in Special Education Patty McHatton
Teacher Leadership (all levels) Kim Gray
M.Ed in TESOL Linda Evans
Science and Mathematics MS in Applied Statistics Lewis VanBrackle/Xuelei (Sherry) Ni
Ms in Chemical Sciences Mark Mitchell/Chris Dockery
MS in Computer Science Ying Xie
MS in Integrative Biology Joseph Dirnberger
Health and Human Services Doctor of Nursing Science Tommie Nelms
MS in Applied Exercise & Health Science Cherilyn Hultquist
Master of Science in Nursing Genie Dorman
Master of Social Work Alan Kirk
Other Programs Graduate Certificate in Leadership & Ethics Linda Johnston




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