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GPCC Policies and Procedures

Major Changes and New Proposals:

  1. Proposals are to be submitted in Curriculog.
  2. Proposals must be submitted in Curriculog a minimum of two weeks before the date of the first reading.
  3. A representative from the department submitting the proposal must be present at the first and second readings or the proposal will be tabled.
  4. All proposals must have the first reading completed before or during the last February meeting (with the second reading on or before the last March meeting), in order to be included in the following year’s catalog.

Committee Actions:

  1. Actions require a quorum of voting members (9; there are a total of 16 voting members—12 faculty; 3 administrators; 1 student).
  2. A simple majority approves an issue.
  3. Format of meetings will be:
    • Approval of Agenda
    • Approval of Minutes of previous meeting
    • Introduction of individual agenda items
    • Motion to approve item (formally opens discussion of item)
    • Discussion of item
    • Motion to accept item
  4. When the floor opens for motions, voting and non-voting members can make a motion.
  5. Motions require a second (voting and non-voting members can second a motion).
  6. For motions to be approved, a simple majority of voting members is required.

Committee Member Expectations:

Committee members are expected to review the agenda and proposals prior to each meeting and be ready to discuss agenda items and make appropriate motions. The agenda will be posted and announced one week before the meeting. Members may contact presenters if they have questions about an agenda item/proposal.





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