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Discoveries for the Future and Right Now

Scholarly and Creative

Research, scholarship, and creative activity are broadly defined at Kennesaw State. Many of our research opportunities lead to applications that directly impact education, development, and health care in our region.

Research Opportunities
  • action research on the improvement of teaching and learning
  • survey research for community and economic development
  • interdisciplinary studies in support of environmental, governmental, business or health interests
  • creative contributions in the arts and humanities
  • intellectual contributions
  • discovery research and academic publication
  • interpretation or application of academic research

Opportunities & Assistantships

Professional Development with Competitive Stipends

Kennesaw State has a number of research centers where there may be research assistantships available.

Additional information about research opportunities will be available in the future, or you can contact Graduate Admissions to discuss your interests.

Student Piping Materials into Test Tube

Research Stories

Want to know what research really looks like? Here are some stories about our research faculty.

Darina Lepadatu

Cutting the Fat

KSU professor brings global view to auto manufacturing research

When American automakers began implementing Japanese-style lean production models in the early 1980s and 1990s, no one knew how autoworkers would be affected over time. Thirty years later, a KSU professor is investigating the question with the help of a $200,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. Read More.

Marcus Davis

Linking the Past

Kennesaw State professor's Arctic research offers hope in the study of birth defects

Evolutionary biologist Marcus C. Davis delves into the past with an eye on the future, knowing that his research will shed new light on birth defects and limb regeneration in humans. Read More.

Chimpanzee Language Research

The Language Connection

Kennesaw State professor studies chimpanzees for clues to origins of human language

Under a blistering June sun, assistant biology professor Jared Taglialatela climbs atop his 30-foot perch overlooking a corral containing 11 chimpanzees at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center. This is the place where the professor becomes the student. Read More.