History of the Conference:
GURP is a day-long conference that fosters development of new researchers. Historically, presenters have been undergraduate, post baccalaureate, and high school students from the southeast. In 2012, we began inviting junior graduate students (within the first two years of study) to submit abstracts in order to give graduate students a venue for their first conference presentations and give undergraduate students an opportunity to network with graduate students to learn more about graduate school.


GURP 2013:
During GURP 2013, we welcomed approximately 150 attendees from 24 colleges and universities in six states. We are pleased to report that students delivered 12 oral and 41 poster presentations at that conference.


GURP 2013 Award Winners:

1st Place Paper Presentation:
The Role of alpha 7 nAChRs in the OFC in Drug Context-Induced Impulsive Decision Making
Presented by Ana Balta
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Rita Fuchs Lokensgard
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2nd Place Paper Presentation:
Examining Stereotypes: An Investigation of Jewish Parenting Styles
Presented by Perry Watkins and Mackenzie Sherman
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ginny Zhan
Kennesaw State University

3rd Place Paper Presentation:
Delayed Reward Discounting as a Predictor of Smoking Cessation Motivation
Presented by Ashley Blackburn and Monika Stojek
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. James MacKillop
University of Georgia

1st Place Poster Presentation (tie):
To Forgive or Not to Forgive: The Implications of PARTheory on Forgivingness
Presented by Courtney Creer and Crystal A. Riley
Faculy Sponsor: Dr. Carrie M. Brown
Agnes Scott College

1st Place Poster Presentation (tie):
Affect Specificity of Positively- and Negatively-Valenced Emotions in Infancy
Presented by Savannah McGrath, Lindey Maza, and Amber Phelps
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Nicole Martin
Kennesaw State University

2nd Place Poster Presentation:
The Effects of Blocking Hippocampal Acetylcholine Receptors on Meal Onset in Male Rats
Presented by Jasmine Gentry and Jenna Darling
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Marise Parent
Georgia State University