Gender and Women Studies Student Association Officers


Matthew Stewart
GWSSA President 2009-11

Matthew is senior, psychology major and gender/women’s studies minor, at Kennesaw State University.  His academic interests include feminist theory and philosophy, queer studies, poststructuralism, psychoanalysis, and ethics. His recent specific research is feminist ethics in (m)othering, as developed through the work of Lacan, Kristeva and Levinas.  Since his initial leadership involvement as GWSSA Secretary in 2008, Matthew has been the president of the GWSSA for the past two consecutive years, and currently serves as a committee member for the Presidential Committee on Gender and Work Life Issues.  Matthew has been the TA for Queer Theory & Sexuality (GWST 3010) for the past two summers, and he is currently the TA for Critical Theory (ENGL 4220).  He is also currently a SALT Research Assistant for GWST/PHIL faculty member Dr. Stacy Keltner.  As a psychology major, Matthew is a continuing mentor for the Psychology Department’s Mentorship Program.  Outside of KSU, Matthew has worked as an intern for Emory University’s Student Health & Counseling Services where, for the past two years, he has created educational materials for sexual assault awareness, developed curricular elements for mini-courses on sexuality and identity, and completed joint projects for Emory’s Center for Women.  He has presented at various women’s studies conferences, including the NWSA, and continues to do so.  After graduating from Kennesaw this fall, Matthew plans to peruse a PhD in Women’s Studies with a concentration in psychoanalytic studies and feminist ethics.

Tuere Mwandishi
GWSSA Vice-President 2010-11

Tuere is a senior, psychology major and GWST/Sociology/English minor.  She has been involved in the confrontation, rejection, and redefinition of racial and sexual conceptualizations since the 1980s, and was most active during the 1990s in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan, where she was involved with several activist organizations committed to social change, particularly within the Black Community. Tuere's future goals include writing (both literary and research-based), teaching (in the Gender and Women's Studies Dept.), and facilitating workshops for women seeking to move toward a positive, healthy, and self-appreciating state of being.  Tuere is also a Poet, and has self-published two books: Definitions of Love (1982) and Journey (1995). Tuere’s mission statement is as follows: “I seek to create or help develop a safe space for women, particularly Black women, to begin to discover and learn how to utilize the tools we already possess in order to make better decisions & life choices for ourselves as we move with confidence toward positivity and respectful appreciation of self as we are and are meant to be."

Zeth Countryman
GWSSA Secretary 2010-11

2010-Spring 2011 marks my senior year as an undergraduate.  I am a psychology major and a GWST minor.  In addition to my role as the GWSSA secretary, I was an interim officer for the KPA from July-September 2010.  I am also involved in an APA writing-style research study with Terry Jorgensen, Christina Tzortzinakis, and Dr. Marek. My academic interests include psychology, gender and queer studies.  I want to go to graduate school and become a psychology professor one day.  As for personal interests, if it's geeky, then I probably like it.  I tend to dabble in many areas.

Past GWSSA Officers


  • Jori Cohen-Greenberg – History major, Philosophy minor (graduated 2007)
  • Amy Hopper – Biology (BS) major, Film Studies and GWST minor (graduated 2009)

§  President 2008-09

  • Sam Bottoms – English (BA) major (graduated 2008)

§  Vice-President 2008-09

  • Matthew Stewart – Psychology major, GWST minor (graduating 2010)

§  Secretary 2008-09; President 2009-11

  • Chris Smith – Political Science (BS) major, American Studies (BA) major (graduated 2010)

§  Vice-President 2009-10

  • Chelsea Piccirilli – Sociology major; GWST minor (graduated 2010)

§  Secretary 2009-10

  • Tuere Mwandishi – Psychology major, GWST/Sociology/English (?)

§  Vice-President 2010-11

  • Zeth Countryman – Psychology major, GWST minor (graduating 2011)

§  Secretary 2010-11



2007-2008: Jori, Amy,

2008-2009: Amy, Sam, Matthew

2009-2010: Matthew, Chris, Chelsea

2010-2011: Matthew, Tuere, Zeth

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