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The Great Depression

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Listed below are short descriptions of interviews with people who experienced the Great Depression. Click on the name of the interviewee to read a short summary of the interview. If you would like to access the entire interview, visit the Accessing Interviews page for directions on how to do so. The interview descriptions on this page are organized as follows:

Name of interviewee by name of interviewer. Date interviewed. Sentence description of interview contents.

Interviews are listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the interviewee~

Bairain, William by Scott Thomas. 24 April 2002. Mr. Bairain grew up in Tampa, Florida in the 1930s. In this interview he describes being a Spanish-speaking child during the Great Depression.

Bell, Fred M. by Noland Bell. 15 March 2002. Dr. Bell grew up in Atlanta during the Great Depression and in this interview he discusses life in the city during the 1930s.

Borchich, Walter by Ginger Erwin. 25 April 2002. Mr. Borchich grew up in Ohio and Michigan during the Great Depression and discusses his experiences with poverty, segregation, public schools, and World War II.

Carter, Gertrude by Reginald Houston. 24 April 2002. Ms. carter lived in the Bronx with a foster family during the Depression and in this interview discusses her experiences as a young black woman.

Christiansen, Connie by Katie Brass. 20 March 2002. Ms. Christiansen grew up in Noonan, Georgia during the Depression and talks about racial prejudice, government aid, and many other things occurring at the time.

Frink, Leona by Ginger Erwin. 30 April 2002. Ms. Frink grew up in Wayne, Pennsylvania during the Depression. In this interview she recounts the experience and her memories of World War II.

Kiefer, Margaret by Courtney Whitfield. 6 March 2002. Ms. Kiefer's family was fairly well-off during the Depression, but she briefly discusses what her life was like at the time.

Kloth, Virginia by Jennifer Jongema. 5 April 2002. Ms. Kloth grew up in Cleveland, Ohio during the 1930s. She recalls the struggles of her family of eight siblings during the period.

Lopez, Edward Celestino by Scott Thomas. 16 April 2002. Mr. Lopez recalls growing up in Gerretson Beach, New York during the Depression.

Parker, Ida Mae by Jennifer Prewett. 21 March 2002. Ms. Parker grew up in middle Georgia during the Depression. She tells of her father's job as a prison warden and the tenant farmers working her family's land.

Turner, James F. by Daniel D. Smith. 25 March 2002. Mr. Turner grew up in Indiana during the Depression and in this interview talks about the situation of his family as well as others in his area.