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the Great Depression and World War II



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    This website contains summaries of interviews with people who lived through the Great Depression and World War II. The actual interviews were conducted by Kennesaw State University students enrolled in Dr. Elsa Nystrom's U.S. Social and Cultural History class. Most of the interviewees currently reside in the metro Atlanta area, but they come from very different backgrounds. This diverse group of interviewees provides a broad, rich picture as to what life was like during a very important time in modern history. By browsing through the interview summaries on this website, you can discover what each interview is about and then access the entire interview for research purposes. The summaries are listed on the Interviews page in alphabetical order if you are searching for a particular person. They are also classified by time period and region on the pages titled The Great Depression, World War II Home front, European theater, and Pacific theater. To read and listen to an interview in its entirety, please view the Accessing Interviews page. Finally, to view the agreements made by the interviewers and interviewees, please view the Forms page. Links to these pages are contained in the Navigation bar on the left of the screen.