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Listed below are short descriptions of interviews with people who experienced the second world war from a domestic perspective. Click on the name of the interviewee to read a short summary of the interview. If you would like to access the entire interview, visit the Accessing Interviews page for directions on how to do so. The interview descriptions on this page are organized as follows:

Name of interviewee by name of interviewer. Date interviewed. Sentence description of interview contents.

Interviews are listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the interviewee~

Borchich, Walter by Ginger Erwin. 25 April 2002.  Mr. Borchich lived in Michigan during the war and discusses his memories of it. He also discusses post-war European attitudes, having served in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany.

Carter, Gertrude by Reginald Houston. 24 April 2002. Ms. Carter lived in the Bronx, New York during the war and talks about her situation, also discussing the riots in Harlem during the war and segregation in the South.

Christiansen, Connie by Katie Brass. 20 March 2002. Ms. Christiansen served as a Navy nurse during World War II, but in the U.S. In this interview, she tells many interesting stories of her time in the service.

Frink, Leona by Ginger Erwin. 30 April 2002. Ms. Frink lived in Pennsylvania during World War II and recalls what life was like then and during the Depression.

Myers, Dorothy by Natalie Garrison. 3 April 2002. Ms. Myers lived in Canton, Georgia and worked at the Bell Bomber Plant during World War II. Her husband served in the U.S. Navy.

Yost, Millie by Cory Rogowski. 10 April 2002. Ms. Yost lived on a farm in Wisconsin during the war and talks about rationing, learning about the war in school, and her family members that served in the military.