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Listed below are short descriptions of interviews with people who experienced World War II in the Pacific theater of war. Click on the name of the interviewee to read a short summary of the interview. If you would like to access the entire interview, visit the Accessing Interviews page for directions on how to do so. The interview descriptions on this page are organized as follows:

Name of interviewee by name of interviewer. Date interviewed. Sentence description of interview contents.


Interviews are listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the interviewee~

Kiefer, Margaret by Courtney Whitfield. 6 March 2002. Ms. Kiefer served in the Coast Guard during the war. She was cleared for Top Secret communications and transmitted messages from her station in Hawaii.

Lopez, Edward Celestino by Scott Thomas. 16 April 2002. Mr. Lopez served in the Navy during World War II. He was stationed on an aircraft carrier and served as a plane captain.

Murphy, Claude by John McCabe. 16 April 2002. Mr. Murphy was a tail gunner during World War II. He flew missions over Japan, shot down a couple of planes, and witnessed the Nagasaki mushroom cloud from the air.

Shaw, William G. by Michael Wilson. 4 April 2002. Mr. Shaw served as a captain in the Army under Generals Willoughby and Macarthur. He has many interesting stories to tell about his service in Japan and the Pacific.

Turner, James F. by Daniel D. Smith. 25 March 2002. Mr. Turner served as a chief petty officer in the Navy on an escort ship during World War II. He describes his time in the Pacific in detail and also his homecoming.