Students and Parents Speak about DEHP

  • "My experience in the Joint enrollment program will be one I will always remember and be glad I did. With the classes I was able to take, I will be able to bypass most of my core classes and focus more on my major when I go to Auburn in the Fall of '09. It is a great way to transition from high school into college life. I would highly recommend it to anyone!"

    Creekview High School
    Auburn University

  • "The relationships I developed with my professors and classmates were phenomenal and last to this day. I am currently attending the University of Georgia, and I was able to begin my freshman year with 54 credit hours. This was a record at my high school, and it wouldn't have been possible without the guidance of the DEHP program or its counselors. All credits transferred without a problem. In short, the DEHP program enabled me to get a two-year start on my education."

    Lassiter High School
    Business Management Major
    University of Georgia

  • "This program was perfect for me" I didn't need anything to graduate from high school but Econ and Political Science, and I didn't want to take any more unneeded classes in high school. This program made it possible to get ahead!"

    Walton High School
    Nursing major, KSU

  • "Studying at KSU as a dual enrollment student was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I was able to transition from being a high school student to a college student without facing the anxiety that most college freshmen face. I learned how to balance my free time with my courses, and developed relationships with professors as they became my mentors."

    Kennesaw Mountain High School
    2008-09 Outstanding JEHP student
    Applied Mathematics major
    Georgia Tech

  • "My high school senior year has been made more rewarding because of KSU's DEHP. I have been actively involved in campus activities, and I have loved most of my classes."

    Dekalb School of the Arts
    Business Major
    University of Georgia

  • "The KSU Dual Enrollment program allowed me to explore my collegiate options while in high school. Having finished my high school math curriculum early, I was able to continue with high level math courses in preparation for a difficult college major. It also exposed me to options for worldwide travel and service for mankind."

    Sprayberry High School
    Master of Engineering
    2008 Fulbright Fellow
    McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

  • "Thanks to the Dual Enrollment program at KSU, I enrolled at Georgia Tech as a sophomore with more college credits than most of my fellow classmates who took AP courses in high school. Because I was able to enter college with so many credits, I was able to participate in two study abroad trips, gained a year of full-time work experience at Georgia Tech Co-Op, and graduated with highest honors in just four years."

    Lassiter High School
    B.S. in Business Management
    Georgia Tech

  • Parent Perspective

    "Andy has really enjoyed his dual enrollment experience at KSU. On his initiative he became involved with the Sports Marketing Department as KSU's mascot, Scrappy the Owl. He really connected with his instructors, made new friends on campus, and became a part of the KSU community!"

    parents of Andy Kite
    Etowah High School

  • "This was one of the best choices I have ever made! The professors here at KSU treat you like a real human being. With a 3.9 high school GPA and 1394 SAT, I could have gone to my pick of colleges, but my experiences with KSU after a year of DEHP made that decision really easy. I chose KSU!"

    Woodstock High School
    2007 Outstanding Computer Science Major
    Kennesaw State University

  • "Dual Enrollment provided me with the opportunity to learn how to handle a college course load before actually leaving home. I graduated from the University of Georgia in 4 years with 2 majors, which would not have been possible without the easily transferable credit hours I earned during Dual Enrollment."

    Harrison High School
    University of Georgia

  • "DEHP was a wonderful learning experience for me. Since I went to KSU full time and lived on campus, the highlight for me was really experiencing college life to the fullest. I met life-long friends and had excellent professors to help me adjust to college life."

    Hillgrove High School
    University of Georgia

  • "My DEHP experience allowed me to receive a better education than was available to me at my high school, but also to receive this education no earlier than 10:00 in the morning and never on Fridays. So if you enjoy driving past your high school and honking at all the kids who are still there after three years, this program is for you."

    Lassiter High School
    Trinity College, University of Toronto

  • "When I first made the decision to participate in DEHP, I was unsure if it was the right one. As I went forward I realized the program allowed me to better prepare for college and graduate school by giving me access to honors classes, great professors, and an early start to my studies. I wouldn't be where I am today without the program."

    Home-Schooled student
    B.S. Political Science, KSU ‘11
    Masters of International Affairs, Georgia Tech

  • "I loved the feeling of being older and more responsible. I chose morning classes so my afternoons were free and I could enjoy a real college experience."

    Etowah High School
    Biology major, KSU

  • "Dual enrollment has given me an amazing opportunity to get ahead in my education. In one year, I knocked out my freshman year of college and my senior year of high school."

    2007 Valedictorian,
    Etowah High School
    Nursing major, KSU

  • "I started DEHP as a junior, and have taken classes at KSU and my high school. I continued with all-star cheerleading and never missed a beat with high school experiences. It's enabled me to lighten up my hectic schedule. All my friends were jealous that I could sleep in three mornings a week! I was also able to graduate from high school a semester early."

    Lassiter High School
    Georgia Tech biology major

  • "The DEHP experience helped me to confirm my decisions about what I'm looking for in the next three years of my college experience."

    East Paulding High School
    Berry College

  • "Choosing to attend KSU as a DEHP student was the best academic decision that I have made. There were so many people and campus resources to help with any issues and questions that I had. Thank you for a wonderful senior year!"

    Woodland High School

  • "DEHP allowed me to ease into college life surrounded by helpful program directors and instructors. I loved the KSU environment and the freedom I had with my schedule and my overall experience."

    Etowah High School

  • "I really enjoyed my Dual Enrollment classes at KSU. The faculty were excellent, and I feel very prepared for college. There are so many great resources at KSU, like Supplemental Instruction tutors, foreign language labs and foreign language conversation tables, and I definitely used all the resources I could."

    Home-schooled through Independent Studies Academy
    Mercer University

  • "I enjoyed branching out and meeting new people while getting a head start on college. KSU is so open to including the DEHP students in campus activities, so I felt very involved."

    Sequoyah High School
    Early Childhood Education major, KSU

  • "The atmosphere provided by the hardworking students and the first-rate professors pushed me to do my best. The professors are the cream of the crop and my classmates are just as focused on excelling as I am."

    Home-schooled student
    Music therapy major, Georgia College and State Univ.

  • "Many of my friends are jealous of the experience I've had with dual enrollment and wish they would have heard about it sooner. Every day I looked forward to coming to KSU and interacting with my fellow students and professors. I learned more than I could have imagined."

    Kennesaw Mountain High
    Environmental Engineering major, Georgia Tech

  • "To dual enroll was easily the best decision I ever made. It has allowed me to enter Georgia Tech with 39 transfer credits and sophomore status. I've become much better at socializing and managing my time, and any college-related fear that once inhabited me has completely dissipated."

    - JULIA NAILOR, East Paulding High School and Georgia Tech

  • Parent Perspective

    "This experience has been nothing but positive for my son. He made friends with people from around the world through his language classes, as well as learned how to prioritize his time and make the most of his studying. He did this while working and still made A's and B's. Many of our gifted/advanced students need this challenge, and I am thankful that KSU provided it!"

    Parent of Matt Robinson
    East Paulding High School and
    North Georgia College & State University

  • Parent Perspective

    "The DEHP Program is outstanding and our only regret is that we didn't know about it during Christian's junior year! His classes were challenging and a great transition to college. He is much better prepared to move on to Georgia Tech after his core work is completed."

    Parents of Christian "Thor" Oleson
    Etowah High School & Georgia Tech

  • Parent Perspective

    "Besides being able to get out of the high school atmosphere that he had outgrown, DEHP gave my son a better schedule to get all the things done that he needed to do to apply to our service academies and participate in competitive gymnastics. Eric ended up with appointments to both the US Air Force Academy and US Naval Academy. He is now in his second year at the US Naval Academy and a member of the Men's Varsity Gymnastics Team."

    Parent of Eric Viscardi,
    Hillgrove High School ‘11
    & USNA

  • Parent Perspective

    "Melanie's participation in Kennesaw State's Dual Enrollment Honors Program has benefited her in numerous ways. In addition to gaining a head start on her college career, she has learned the differences in academic expectations between high school and college. I would recommend the program to the parents of any qualified student."

    Assistant Principal
    Arnold Mill Elementary School
    Parent of Melanie Newman,
    Etowah High School & Troy Univ

  • Parent Perspective

    "The Dual Enrollment Honors Program at KSU has allowed my daughter to blossom in a way that is not possible in high school. She found her niche and grew as a student, learner and most importantly as a person. As a parent and a teacher, I highly recommend DEHP!"

    Harrison High School teacher
    Parent of Rachaelanne Hadden
    Harrison High School & KSU

  • Parent Perspective

    "This was the best decision ever for my daughter. We prefer the KSU honors program over AP. She has grown so much, is more self-confident, and finished DEHP just a few credits shy of completing her freshman year of college."

    parent of Valerie Embler,
    East Paulding High School
    Business major, KSU