The Custom Honors Program

First-year honors students who want to design their class schedules without committing themselves to the specific expectations of either the Great Books or the President's Emerging Global Scholars (PEGS) programs may participate in the Custom Honors program. Students selecting this option work closely with an Honors Faculty advisor in the fall and spring semesters of their first year, selecting honors and non-honors courses that will help them fulfill both general education and honors requirements. In some cases they may even be able to select classes germane to the major.

A Custom Honors student planning to major in a business field, for example, might elect to take Honors sections of one or more of the following: World History, Precalculus, Microeconomics, English Composition, and a First-Year Experience course such as KSU 1111 ("Tomorrow's World Today"), while taking non-Honors sections of the other courses. The possibilities are endless. Custom Honors students, like their Great Books and PEGS counterparts, enjoy the support of well-trained and experienced advisors who can help them accommodate their course schedules to their curricular and extra-curricular needs.

After their first year at KSU, all Honors students, including those who participated in the Great Books and PEGS programs, will fall into the "Custom Honors" category, since they will be planning their course schedules without any pre-determined, program-specific classes.

For additional information, please contact the Undergraduate Honors Office at 470-578-2364