The PEGS Experience

A bachelor’s degree and a solid GPA no longer guarantee success after college. The PEGS Program challenges its students to go further and dig deeper—a holistic experience for a well-rounded student.

Watch the video below and hear what current PEGS students have to say about the program.

PEGS Students benefit from a unique, intentional curriculum designed to promote student success. In addition to priority registration and team building within the cohort, PEGS students will grow as leaders from experience and activities in the following areas:


PEGS students start their college career in a honors section of KSU's award winning first-year seminar, KSU 1111. Through this course, the PEGS Program lays the foundations for global learning and critical thinking.

Throughout the first semester, students study a series of global challenges that will affect global development—population, resource management, technology, information & knowledge, economic integration, security & conflict, and governance—with a hands-on, application based approach.

Also in the first year, PEGS students have a leadership-themed Honors Colloquium that sets the stage for advanced leadership topics and ensures students begin honors coursework early.

Undergraduate Research

Participation in undergraduate research is guaranteed to make your degree standout in the workforce. PEGS students receive mentorship and assistance completing research from passionate experts in the field.

The PEGS Program has partnered with UNIFACS University in Salvador, Brazil to create an international, collaborative research experience related to their KSU 1111 course material. PEGS students begin their work with their Brazilian colleagues during the first-year trip to Salvador and continue the partnership when the Brazilian students travel to the U.S. Upon completion of the research project, students have the opportunity to present their research at KSU's Symposium of Student Scholars and beyond at regional, national and even international meetings!


Leadership is everybody's business.

It's a lifestyle. It's a reflective, purposeful process, grounded in congruence, driven by collaborative relationships, moving towards positive change.

PEGS students participate in a multi-year, leadership development curriculum that provides practical application to all aspects of life. During their first year, students learn about leadership as it relates to themselves: clarifying values, defining personal purpose, and essential leadership theory. Years two and three see students apply knowledge of self to help build trust within teams, effectively give presentations, and plan strategically.

Intercultural Competency

The world is a vibrant place, full of unique individuals and contrasting ideas. The ability to appreciate, recognize, and embrace difference--in every sense of the word--is critical to success in college and in the job market.

As part of their leadership development, PEGS students take a strategic look at intercultural competency through personal reflection, academic discussions, mentorship, targeted opportunities for growth, and domestic and international travel experiences.

Community & Campus Engagement

Engagement in the local, national, and global community is an important aspect of anyone's leadership journey.

PEGS students have the opportunity to find their passion through local service projects with their cohort, national experiences to Washington DC, and service projects while traveling abroad, as well as on and off campus events and socials--leaders can have fun too!

Scholarship & Internships

Preparing students for scholarships and internships is critical to the mission of the PEGS Program. PEGS students benefit from one-on-one guidance in their pursuit of these opportunities from their first semester on campus.

To date, PEGS students have been awarded placements in the Fulbright Commission’s Summer Institute for US Undergraduates in the United Kingdom, a Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, acceptance to Mercer University's School of Medicine, and prestigious internships at the Centers for Disease Control and the Pentagon, to name a few.