Curricular Requirements

The Honors Program at Kennesaw State University requires you to complete 6-7 honors-designated courses, the equivalent of at least 3 hours of applied and service learning honors credit, and the honors senior capstone experience for a total of 25-26 honors credit hours (or the equivalent—see Requirement #3 below).  To remain in good standing as an honors student, you must earn a B or better in honors course work and maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 in your KSU course work.

To graduate as an Honors Scholar, you must successfully complete the following:

  1. Two one-hour, pass/fail honors colloquia (HON 3000) or one three-hour, traditionally graded honors seminar/special topics course (HON 2290 or 4490)

  2. 2-3 hours honors credit

  3. Five additional honors-designated courses worth at least three semester hours, chosen from among the following:  

    • an honors section of a general education course (e.g., ENGL 2110/H1)

    • an honors seminar or special topics course (e.g., HON 2290 or HON 4490)

    • an honors directed, or independent, study  (HON 4400)

    • an upper-level course in your major in which you establish an honors contract (e.g., BIOL 3300/01—Honors)—AT LEAST ONE HONORS-CONTRACT EXPERIENCE IS MANDATORY FOR ALL HONORS STUDENTS.

    15 hours honors credit

  4. One applied learning honors experience related to the student’s discipline, completed through one of the following

    • an applied honors contract in an upper-level course in the major

    • an applied learning honors contract without a course affiliation

    • an honors directed study (HON 4400)

    • a study abroad experience to which an honors dimension is added 


    • one honors service-learning experience (48 hours minimum on site, with or without a course affiliation such as HON 4400; one option is to serve as an honors peer mentor over one, two, or three semesters) .

    3 hours honors credit, or the equivalent

  5. The three-course honors senior capstone sequence (1-3-1):

    Since students typically need three full semesters in which to complete the honors senior capstone project, they must enroll in three sequential sections of the Honors Senior Capstone Experience, HON 4497, 4498, and 4499.  They must take the first section at least two full semesters before the term in which they graduate.  The capstone sequence is as follows:

    • One one-hour, pass/fail senior capstone course (HON 4497) in which the student will find a full-time faculty member in his or her major to supervise the project; design the project, with that advisor’s support; and submit the Honors Senior Capstone Proposal for approval, first to the project supervisor and subsequently to the Honors Director and the Honors Council.  A student whose honors capstone proposal is fully approved at all levels will receive a “Satisfactory” in HON 4497 and be cleared to register for the second capstone segment, HON 4498.

    • One three-hour, pass/fail senior capstone course (HON 4498) in which the student will conduct research, articulate a research question and hypothesis (for an honors thesis) and create a research outline; or will produce a detailed progress report (for an honors service-learning or creative capstone project).  A student who earns a “Satisfactory” in HON 4498 will be cleared to register for the final capstone segment, HON 4499.

    • One one-hour traditionally graded section of the capstone sequence (HON 4499), culminating in the submission of an honors thesis or other honors-appropriate product and the honors portfolio.  (Students who entered the Honors Program before the fall of 2010 must take HON 4499 exclusively, for three credit hours; those entering in and after fall 2010 must take the three-course honors capstone sequence, as described here.)

    5 hours honors credit

For more information:

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Dr. Julia Morrissey, Assistant Director
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