2015-2016 Rates

*Rates are projected subject to Board of Regents approval

Kennesaw Campus

*All Kennesaw Campus communities are on a 12-month contract*

Austin Residence Complex I (100-1100)

  • 2x2: $8,520/year, $4,260/semester, $710/month
  • 4x4: $7,620/year, $3,810/semester, $635/month

Austin Residence Complex II (1200-1400)

  • 4x4: $7,740/year, $3,870/semester, $645/month

KSU Place I (Buildings A-G)

  • 4x2: $6,540/year, $3,270/semester, $545/month
  • 4x2 (w/ washer and dryer): $6,840/year, $3,420/semester, $570/month

KSU Place II (Buildings 100-400)

  • 4x2: $5,760/year, $2,880/semester, $480/month

University Village

  • 2x2: $8,640/year, $4,320/semester, $720/month
  • 3x3: $8,280/year, $4,140/semester, $690/month
  • 4x4: $8,040/year, $4,020/semester, $670/month

University Village Suites

  • 1x1: $7,980/year, $3,990/semester, $665/month
  • 1x1 (corner): $8,160/year, $4,080/semester, $680/month
  • 2x1: $7,560/year, $3,780/semester, $630/month
  • 4x2: $7,260/year, $3,630/semester, $605/month

Marietta Campus

Commons Apartments *12-month contract

  • 2x2: $8,100/year, $4,050/semester, $675/month
  • 4x2: $7,440/year, $3,720/semester, $620/month

Courtyard Apartments *12-month contract

  • 4x4: $7,860/year, $3,930/semester, $655/month

Hornet Village 100 & 200 - 2 Person *10-month contract

  • Single: $7,050/year, $3,525/semester, $705/month

Hornet Village 100 & 200 - 4 Person *10-month contract

  • Double: $6,400/year, $3,200/semester, $640/month

Howell Hall - 2 Person *10-month contract

  • Double: $4,500/year, $2,250/semester, $450/month