Georgia Perimeter College

Final Proposal:

New Study Abroad Program

Summer 2007  China


Section I


Title and Destination of the Program:  Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China


Proposed Date: May 19, 2007 (Leave Atlanta) ~ June 25, 2007 (Return To Atlanta)


The Target Student Population:  10~20


Sponsoring Department (s)

                        Department of Foreign Languages and ESL

                        Department of Humanities (literature)

                        Department of Social Science (History)

                        The Center of International Education


Georgia Perimeter College


Names of Program Directors, other program leaders, and any other participating faculties

                        Zhaohui (Sherry) Cheng, Ph.D.    Foreign Languages/ESL Dept.,

Dunwoody Campus.  Email:, phone: 770-274-5195


                        William C. Madden, Jr., M.A., Dept. of Humanities, Lawrenceville
                        Campus. Email:, cell: 770-883-8811


                        Thomas E. Graham, PhD, Associate Professor of History,

Dept. of Social Science, Dunwoody Campus.

                        Email:, phone: 770-274-5419


Yehui Duan, Professor, Dean of International Culture and Education College, Nanjing Normal University. Email:


Jianzhong Wu, Admission Office Chair, International Culture and Education College, Nanjing Normal University. Email:


Course Offerings


            Chinese Language Classes (CHIN 1001, 1002, 2001, 2002, 2005 or 2006)

            International Studies (INST 1011, 1012, 2011, 2012)

            Literature (ENGL 2111 World Literature I)

            History ( HIST 1112, HIST 1111)


Course Number Credits Delivery Faculty


CHIN 1001     3 credits           Face-to-face    Cheng or faculties in NNU

CHIN 1002     3                      Face-to-face    Cheng or faculties in NNU

CHIN 2001     3                      Face-to-face    Cheng or faculties in NNU

CHIN 2002     3                      Face-to-face    Cheng or faculties in NNU

CHIN 2005     3                      Face-to-face    Cheng or faculties in NNU

CHIN 2006     3                      Face-to-face    Cheng or faculties in NNU


ENGL 2111    3                      Face-to-face     Madden


HIST 1111       3                      Face-to-face    Graham

HIST 1112       3                      Face-to-face    Graham


INST 1011      3                      Faculties in NNU

INST 1012      3                      Faculties in NNU

INST 2011      3                      Faculties in NNU

INST 2012      3                      Faculties in NNU

(Note: Students can take one or two of the INST classes.)


Do the dates of your proposed trip fit GPC’s regular academic calendar?





Section II


The details of the visit


            Nanjing Normal University (NNU) is a leading university of Jiangsu province with 100 years of history.  It has 3 campuses and 23 colleges with 71 majors for bachelor degrees.  The International Culture and Education College in the university is one of the largest educational centers for international students in Chinese universities.  The students there come from all over the world.


            During the visit, the students will take the courses the program offers and have tours to the following cities: Beijing, Nanjing, Zhenjiang Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, and Yangzhou.


Beijing is the capital and the political/culture center of China.  There are a lot of historical sites and museums like the Old Palace, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall, the Tian An Men Square.  There are also some top 10 universities in China there: Beijing University, Qinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Chinese People’s University, Beijing Language Institute, etc.

Nanjing, once the capital for 6 dynasties in Chinese history, is the capital of Jiangsu Province now.  The historical museum of Dr. Sun Yixian, the first president of China, depicts the history of how China ended the thousands of years of imperial dynasties.  The historical museum of Gong Yuan (‘the Contribution Yard’) shows how scholars took the government exams to be selected as officers in ancient times.

Zhengjiang is a city with sites on which many famous Chinese fairy tales are based. Students can also tour the longest river in China, the Yangzi River (it is known as “the Long River” in China.).

 Suzhou is famous for the private gardens and residences of influential officials and scholars from 500 years ago.  Students can learn the architecture arts and living philosophies in China. 

Hangzhou is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China.  A lot of Chinese literary works and classical poems are related to or describe the beautiful lake, Xi Hu (‘the Western Lake’), there.  It is also famous for its Buddhist and Taoist temples, and students can learn the history of Chinese religions.

Yangzhou is another historical city with many Chinese fairy tales and beautiful sites.  The longest canal (‘the Big Canal’), which was made about a thousand years ago, passes by the city.

Shanghai is the largest financial and industrial center in China today.  From this city, students can view and witness the latest economic developments since China’s recent reforms


Here is the detailed schedule:


GPC2007 Study Abroad Program (China)


All in Chinese Time                                                                     

Date & Time

May 20


May 21


May 22


May 23


May 24


May 25


May 26



Arrive Beijing

Beijing Tour

Arrive Nanjing in the morning

Break and adjustment




The second Week

Date & Time

May 27


May 28 Monday

May 29 Tuesday

May 30 Wednesday

May 31 Thursday

June 1


June 2



Zhen-Jiang Tour

Classes Start





Suzhou and Wuxi tour









Chinese Tai-Chi and Martial Arts

Nanjing Tour

Visit Suzhou


The third week

Date & Time

June 3


June 4 Monday

June 5 Tuesday

June 6 Wednesday

June 7 Thursday

June 8 Friday

June 9 Saturday


Suzhou tour and return to Nanjing






Hang-zhou tour










Chinese Music


Hang-zhou tour


The Fourth Week

Date & Time

June 10 Sunday

June 11 Monday

June 12 Tuesday

June 13 Wednesday

June 14 Thursday

June 15 Friday

June 16 Saturday


Hang-zhou tour and return back Nanjing






Yang-zhou tour










Chinese calli-graphy




The fifth week

Date & Time

June 17 Sunday

June 18 Monday

June 19 Tuesday

June 20 Wednesday

June 21 Thursday

June 22 Friday

June 23 Saturday


Students’ Personal Arrang-ments (shopping, visit friends, etc.)





Start to Shanghai

Shanghai tour









Final Exams

Fare-well Banquet and Giving Certificates



The sixth week

Date & Time

June 24 Sunday

June 25 Monday

June 26 Tuesday

June 27 Wednesday

June 28 Thursday

June 29 Friday

June 30 Saturday


Shanghai tour

Return back Atlanta













2nd half semester starts






The Fees:


NNU Tuition, Books, Registration, Lodging and Tours (the cost of tours including hotels, meals, transportations, entrance fees and tour guiders): $2,000.


Airline fare: $1,500


Insurance and others: $100


Total: $3,600


GPC tuition is separate.


Section III





            From Atlanta to China and return: By airlines


            From Beijing to Nanjing: By train.


            From Nanjing to Shanghai: By train


Other tours: By bus.


All the costs for above transportations are included in the total fees.


            Students are responsible for the transportation to and from Atlanta Airport, and for any other local transportation costs related to individual activities. Students can ride bicycles or take local buses (every 10 ~ 15 minutes each, $0.2 every 3 stops for non-air conditional bus, and $0.25 every 3 stops for air-conditional bus) to large shopping centers when in Nanjing. There are also subways (about $0.5 each ride) that link the main areas in the city of Nanjing. Taxis are everywhere in the city (about $2 ~ $5 cost can reach most of the places in the city).








When in tours, all the group members will stay in local hotels.  During the study days, students and program leaders will stay in the Dorm for International Students at Nanjing Normal University.  The double-occupancy rooms are non-smoking, modern and well equipped (with air conditioning, shared restrooms, and public kitchens).  The costs are covered in the price of the program.




 During the weekdays (the study time), the food cost is paid by each individual.  Students can eat three meals a day at the International Students Cafeteria in the university.  Students can choose from a variety of menu items including both Chinese and western styles. The average cost is $3~$6/day.  Students can also choose food from the many restaurants just outside and around the university and the cost is a little higher.  There are also shops and other service stores just outside and around the university (5~10 minutes by walking). 

When traveling in other cities, the food cost is included in the total cost that students paid for the program, and students eat as a group.


Night Life


Students can arrange their own activities at night.  There are some bars and discos around the university.  Care must be taken when selecting where to go.  Students can also participant the evening activities organized by the university students and organizations.  Students are responsible for all the costs.


Insurance/emergency plans


            Each student will purchase insurance before leaving USA and the cost is included in the price of the trip. CIE has information on this.

            There is a medical clinic inside the campus of Nanjing Normal University.  It can handle ordinary medical cases.  There are also some large medical centers around the university which can handle serious problems. The officers of the International Student Center in NNU can help the translations and dealing with other issues when needed.

            The students and group leaders can contact their families by email or phones inside the dorm building.  Each individual is responsible for the long-distance and international phone costs. There are guarders at the campus gates and the building gate.

 After arrival in China, the program leader (the GPC instructors with the group) will stay in the same dorm and participate in the excursions with the students, and can be contacted 24 hours a day.  The Office of International Student Center in Nanjing Normal University can also help during office hours, and the officer on-duty can be reached during the other times.




Department Chair(s)     ______________________    Date ___________


                                    ______________________    Date  __________


                                    ______________________    Date  __________



Director, CIE               ______________________   Date  ___________


*CIE Director will facilitate remaining approvals