High School Model United Nations

30th Annual 2014-2015

25th April


Welcome from The Secretariat

Welcome to the official website of Kennesaw State University’s 30th Annual High School Model United Nations Conference! The KSU-HSMUN Secretariat, in conjunction with the KSU College of Humanities and Social Sciences KSU Department of Political Science and International Affairs, and the entirety of Kennesaw State University would like to thank you for your interest, participation, and dedication regarding this Conference. My name is Nicholas Corn, and I have the eminent honor and pleasure of serving as your Secretary General for this year.
Since its founding in 1986, the KSU-HSMUN Conference has grown to become one of the largest and most successful high school Model conferences in the Southeast.  Due to the high level of support, participation and dedication we have received from students, faculty and staff of KSU and high schools over the years, the KSU HSMUN Conference has been a resounding success in fostering an environment of learning and constructive debate about ongoing international issues and the global institutions attempting to provide solutions. Through providing high school students the chance to further understand and explore the nuances of diplomacy, international relations, the inter-workings of international institutions, and the nature of issues affecting all of humanity, we hope to assist in the development of the future leaders of our world.
Please check this website often for updates from the Secretariat as well as details on registration and the submission of position papers. Additionally, please review the delegate resource guide for clarification of KSU HSMUN rules and procedures. Again, on behalf of the Secretariat, staff, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, we welcome you to KSU HSMUN and look forward to seeing you this spring.
If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding KSU HSMUN, elements of MUN such as position papers and delegate preparation, or related subjects, please contact the Secretariat at the email link provided below.


Nicholas Corn; Secretary General
Christina Packham; Under-Secretary General
Justin Rivard; Director-General