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5. Reporting

Before writing the draft audit report, Internal Audit will conduct a PWT meeting with management and staff members where participants help us determine what information should be in the report and the best format to use to present the information.  Audit reports typically include:

  1. Summary results of the areas tested.
  2. Executive summary.
  3. Introduction and background information.
  4. Organizational structure.
  5. Audit scope and objectives.
  6. Detailed information on audit observations and management action plans for those areas where management was not able to implement process improvements before the completion of the audit.

After the draft audit report is written, it will initially be shared only with management of the office that was audited and will not be distributed to any individuals outside of that office.  Internal Audit will solicit feedback from management of the office audited to determine if they agree with the content and format of the draft audit report and if they have any suggestions to improve the report.  This process will continue until management of the office audited and Internal Audit agree with the content and format of the draft audit report.

After all agreed-upon revisions have been made to the draft audit report, a formal exit conference will be held to discuss the report.  Formal exit conference attendees include Vice Presidents, management, and key staff members.  After the formal exit conference is completed, Internal Audit will incorporate any changes into the draft audit report that were agreed-upon during the conference.  The draft audit report will then be provided to KSU’s President and the Vice Presidents for their review and comments.  After approval from the President and Vice Presidents, the final audit report will be distributed to KSU’s executive management, departmental managers, and the Board of Regents’ Chief Audit Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor.

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