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Soweto Street Beat Dance
Pioneers of South Africa Culture and Arts
South African Dance and Musical Production

Soweto Street Beat Dance Theatre is an Atlanta (Georgia) based company performing and presenting South African culture and arts programs. The company has appeared at a variety of venues including concert halls, festivals, receptions, conferences and small auditoriums. Theatre

Soweto Street Beat Dance Theatre, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Peter B. Ngcobo and Isabelle Doll, in the township of "Soweto" in the Republic of South Africa.  By recruiting dancers from the streets of Soweto, a place where poverty and extreme violence is commonplace. Soweto Street Beat provided educational opportunities for the youth through the arts.

In 1992, Soweto came to the United States as emissaries of South Africa to serve the diverse cultural needs of the Metropolitan Atlanta Community.

Soweto was the only African company invited to perform at the 1996 Olympic Arts Festival produced by the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games Cultural Olympiad to celebrate the Centennial Olympic Games.

The performance is a collaboration of African contemporary, New-African, modern African, Afrofusion and the new traditional dance. During the course of its career, Soweto has served as a pioneer for South African culture, arts and entertainment.  Many of its performances set precedent for contemporary dance and culture in the New South Africa.  With the abolishment of apartheid, Soweto was a cultural ambassador and established a legacy of feature performance opportunities.  Soweto Street Beat is the first professional Black dance company (originally from Soweto, South Africa) to have performed at many venues and festivals in South Africa, Europe and the U.S.

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