Presidential Commission on GLBTIQ Initiatives

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Commission Members
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Commission Purpose & Charge

The purpose of this task force is to serve as an advisory body on matters of concern to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and questioning persons (GLBTIQ) across the University community. The GLBTIQ Initiative will provide welcoming, visible, and tangible proof to ensure that the University’s programs and services that are inclusive to GLBTIQ constituents. The commission is tasked with:

  1. Assisting University officials in developing a vision and proactive strategies for addressing issues and concerns of GLBTIQ persons on campus;
  2. Fashioning a proactive set of conversations, programs, and training initiatives to guide the University’s strategic emphases surrounding GLBTIQ issues/concerns;
  3. Providing advice on approaches that will contribute to KSU’s goals of becoming a national leader in the higher education community with regard to how the University deals with issues and concerns related to GLBTIQ persons and other underrepresented groups; and
  4. Identifying and suggesting other activities, actions, and policies that will lead to an increased understanding and acceptance of diverse viewpoints and perspectives between and among different members and groups of KSU’s diverse community.

The Commission is charged by and reports to the President through the University’s Chief Diversity Officer.

Commission Members

Ana Baida (Co-Chair)
Associate Director of Career Services Center for the College of Science and Mathematics; College of the Arts
Career Services Center
Student Success Services

Tao Bartleson
Counseling Professional
Adjunct Instructor of Human Services
Student Success Services

David Baugher (Co-Chair)
Assistant Dean of the Graduate College and Director
Graduate Student Admissions
Graduate College

Jeff Cooper
Director of Residence Life
Adjunct Instructor of Education
Student Success Services

Jessica Duvall
GLBTIQ Student Coordinator
Administrative Specialist
Office of Student Development

Michele DiPietro
Executive Director, CETL and Associate Professor of Mathematics
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Jillian Ford
Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education
Bagwell College of Education

Jeff Helms
Professor of Psychology
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Debra Hill
Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Stephanie Hogue
Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Teresa M. Joyce
Senior Vice Provost and Professor of Management
Academic Affairs

Kristina Llanes
Head Lacrosse Coach

Erik Malewski
Chief Diversity Officer
Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Heiko Pinero
Kennesaw Pride Alliance

Scott Ritchie
Assistant Professor of Language and Literacy Education
Bagwell College of Education

Aaron Roberson
Director of Press and Public Relations
Student Government Association
Student Success Services

Beth Tindel
Director of Parking Operations
Auxiliary Services and Programs

Meeting Information

For more information about meeting times and dates please email Debra Hill,