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Most KSU Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and KSU offices, departments or centers are eligible for one free advertisement in The Sentinel during the Fall and Spring semesters (2 per year). However because our ad staff works on commission, they are not available to create your ad without charge. That’s your job. Here’s what to do:
  1. Make sure your ad is camera-ready. That’s a fancy way of saying whatever you give us will be exactly the way it will be in the paper. We can’t type the ad for you. Ads are only accepted electronically - e-mail your ad to advertising@ksumedia.com. Our required format is Acrobat PDF, high resolution JPG or Tiff. We cannot use other file formats.
    Most groups use Microsoft Word to create their free ads, but whatever program you use, please make sure to do the following:
  2. Your ad MUST fit into the dimensions 3.9" wide by 3.125" tall (1/10th Page), at least proportionally.
  3. Your ad SHOULD be black and white. If you send ads in color, they may not print as clearly as you would like.
  4. **We MUST receive the ad in PDF, TIFF or high resolution JPG format. Please do not send us Publisher or PowerPoint files.

Please read our guidelines:
  • Each RSO is eligible for a free 1/10 Page advertisement): 3.9 inches WIDE, 3.125 inches TALL. This amount cannot be added or subtracted from paid or other advertisements. See an example here.
  • Free ads cannot be guaranteed - The Sentinel reserves the right to “bump” them if we need the space for a paying advertiser.
  • Regular deadlines still apply: Ad reservations must be made 7 days before the requested publication date. Camera-ready art work must be received no later than 5 p.m. Thursday, 5 days before the requested run date.
  • Brokered Advertising: The Sentinel deals directly and individually with its local advertisers and does not accept brokered advertising. Brokered advertising is defined as one vendor acting as a middleman for various advertisers or an advertisement containing products or services for multiple vendors.
  • Please only deliver your ad to advertising@ksumedia.com. Do not give ads to a reporter or editor. Make sure to let us know the run date you desire, your name, and the name of your organization.
  • Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your ad not being run. Please understand that this is a free service and The Sentinel does not have the staff or time to create, adjust or correct ads we receive. If you wish to have us create the ad for you, contact the Ad Manager (470-528-6470) about special student and KSU departmental rates. For other publicity options and easy-to-use Press Releases, go to our Publicity & Promotion page.

Tip #1: Check out The Sentinel Advertising page to see the shape and proportion of your free ad. It’s a 1/10 Page ad and is 3.9” wide by 3.125 ” tall. The ad we receive must fit into this size - or at least be proportional (in other words, we can shrink or enlarge it if needed, without distorting your ad).

Tip #2: File too big to e-mail? Free file transfer: www.sendthisfile.com.

The Free Ad Program is intended for Registered Student Organizations and KSU offices without a promotions/ad budget. The Sentinel reserves the right to deny this program to offices and departments with financial resources that have not purchased an advertisement within three (3) years. The Sentinel further reserves the right to reject any advertisement which it deems objectionable due to subject matter, illustration, phraseology or set-up. Policies may change due to programmatic or editorial decisions.