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As a Connection to Our Community
Kennesaw State‘s official student run Internet radio station offers unique programming, commercial free. An eclectic mix of content reaches and reflects the rich, cultural diversity of our campus and beyond. Rock, Pop, Rap, Talk, Sports, News, Jazz, Oldies, Folk, World and specialty programs air every day, all day.
Have a listen at ksuradio.com.

Because OWL Radio is a streaming radio station, our listenership extends beyond the KSU campus, from the Student Center to our 55,000 alumni everywhere. While radio listenership declines, online radio listenership continues to grow. Our audience doesn‘t just listen - they call, chat, watch via the webcam and interact with us.

As a KSU OWL Radio underwriter, your business benefits through cost effective, specifically-targeted marketing to a well-educated, quality-conscious audience. Your business receives name recognition without commercial "clutter," and builds your business image with the OWL Radio listener.
Why underwrite?
Underwriting demonstrates good corporate citizenship and concern for the community. It‘s an economical way to get your message across because it costs far less than advertising on AM or FM broadcast stations and it‘s tax deductible. There is also the "Halo Effect;" favorable association for sponsors with Kennesaw State listeners and Kennesaw State. And listeners agree that public radio sponsors are more credible than commercial advertisers (NPR & Jacobs Media Underwriting Study, Summer 2007).

OWL Radio hopes to be the bridge in creating a long lasting friendship between your business and the students of KSU.

Everyone benefits: OWL Radio, the underwriter, the community, and the students who are pursuing careers in radio.

What is Underwriting?

Underwriting is a specialized form of advertising. According to FCC guidelines, underwriting cannot include a "call to action" or opinion statements. Underwriting messages may include up to 20 words after the names of your business and can be no longer than 30 seconds. The following can be included in underwriting, Name of business, Address, Phone Number, Website, Hours of Operation, Product line list without adjectives, Logo phrase if it is not qualitative.

Owl Radio Underwriting staff are available to help create the best announcement for your company.

Sample: "[Your Company] is a proud supporter of KSU OWL Radio. A portion of today‘s programming is underwritten by [Your Company] to support this student-operated radio station. [Your Company] has been serving the Kennesaw community for over _____ _____, located on the corner of Chastain and Busbee Parkway, serving up sandwiches and frosty treats. Open everyday from 10am until 1pm, [Your Company] is currently hiring and looking for part-time KSu student help. Mor information is available at (470)555-5555 or at www.yourcompany.com."

Show Support
Support any Owl Radio show financially and get mentioned on-air by our very own DJs! In addition to that, we‘ll give you a show sweeper, making sure to include in the recording that the show was "brought to you by..." YOU. Click here to find a show you would like to support: Owl Radio Shows. *Show Support is first-come, first-served*

Two-hour show: $100 /mon. or $250 /sem.

Underwriting Spots
Rates are currently being updated for the 2014-2015 school year.