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KSUSM web pages average over 5,500 visitors a month.

Rates are simply priced by month or semester. All placements run in rotation with other ads of the same size.

Online ads can link directly to your website and can be featured in Flash format. Provide the URL when you submit your ad or embed it in your SWF file.

Our sites can host JPG and PNG. Sizes in pixels are below. Resolution for all online ads should be 72 dpi.

// www.ksuradio.com displays advertisements in three locations.

(Box; 217 pixels x 217 pixels)
$75 /month
$250 /semester

(Horizontal Banner; 640 pixels wide x 154 pixels tall)
$100 /month
$275 /semester

(Popup Player Banner; 780 pixels wide x 114 pixels tall)
$125 /month
$325 /semester

If you are interested in advertising on The Owl Radio website email advertising@ksumedia.com or call 470-528-6470.