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KSU’s student media has many no-cost or low cost solutions to your publicity challenges.

1 - We’re doing something we would like covered in the campus newspaper. How do we get a story in The Sentinel?

Like any newspaper, there is no way to guarantee coverage - but there are ways to better your chances. Remember that the students are running the paper and appreciate being asked directly rather than going through their advisor. We always recommend the "shotgun" method - use as many of these approaches as you feel comfortable:
2 - I know you can’t guarantee coverage - but what can we do to better our chances?
3 - Can I write the story myself?

Not if you are part of the activity or event—that would be a conflict of interest. But you can send us a press release. If you have not yet appointed a PR or media person for your group, do so. Send out two releases for every event or activity you wish coverage of. The first release, called an advance, should go out 10 days to 2 weeks BEFORE the event. The second should go out after the event—let us know how successful it was! Send us photos if you can.

Here’s more information on news releases and publicity:

4 - We REALLY need to get this in the paper. We’re willing to advertise. What can you do for us?

FREE ADS: Student groups and KSU offices receive one free ad per semester! Use The Sentinel online Free Ad Form (housed in OwlLife; you will need to log in with your NetID).

PAID ADS: Offices and departments at KSU pay a lower rate (our University Affiliated Rate), and student groups are the lowest. check out our media kit and contact the KSUSM advertising manager advertising@ksumedia.com.

5 - If we create the ad ourselves will you give us a discount?

Sorry, department and student group ads are already heavily discounted - but we will extend your deadline.

6 - We’re a not a student group yet - we’re just trying to get started. Help!

We’ll give you a free ad - just follow our guidelines - contact the adviser at 770-499-3083. And maybe your group is newsworthy. Fill out The Sentinel online press release form.

OWL Radio would be happy to promote your event: